Prizmo for Mac

Prizmo for Mac

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Prizmo for Mac may be used by everybody, as a result of the support of VoiceOver.

Regardless of what catch device's available, Prizmo is your key for assessing and scanning text. It functions with images shot with your iPhone, iPad, or digital camera, together with files coming from Wi-Fi or connected scanners, also with screenshots! It helps you scan any records (receipts, invoices, boards( giant ads...), in addition to process cards. 

Prizmo for Mac supports the Most Recent OS X Yosemite enhancements such as Handoff, extensions, and third party exports. As a result of iCloud and Handoff, Prizmo 3 creates an ideal match with all the iPhone/iPad edition of Prizmo, optimized for iOS 8. 

Time has come for Mac users that have been waiting to get a potent OCR program. Prizmo is a user friendly and trustworthy alternative all Mac users may manage. It incorporates state-of-the-art OCR technology, and supports multipage files. Prizmo's built-in OCR Engine is advanced technologies, but it could occasionally be confused. That is why Prizmo allows you to upgrade recognized information in many clever ways.

Note: Will randomly replace some words as hidden character sequences. Some features are disabled.

Camera tethering is working again on macOS High Sierra. It had been previously disabled because of a reability issue with macOS 10.12
Improved Screen Text Snapping feature to enable it on multi-display setup that don't have separate Spaces
Improved default sizing and positioning of document windows
Fixed "Preserve Line Breaks" behavior for text regions. Now these text regions also export correctly to PDF
Updated text rendering quality in PDF output (hidden or visible text)
Updated the crash reports framework

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