Postman (32-bit)

Postman (32-bit)

By : Postdot Technologies, Inc

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    Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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    Oct 09, 2018
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Postman 32-bit is a strong GUI platform for PC to create your API growth quicker & easier, from creating API asks through documentation, testing and sharing. We advocate the free Postman Program for Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome. Millions of programmers and tens of thousands of organizations worldwide use Postman to encourage their API development. Postman does not require learning a new vocabulary, complex UI, or fresh workflows. Programmers can begin utilizing Postman instantly to create API development quicker & easier. It is totally free!


An Entire Toolchain for API Development
Postman was created from the bottom up, to encourage all facets of API development. Postman's programs are constructed on a single underlying coating, ensuring consistent functionality and user expertise.

Mirrors Your Present API Development Workflow
Postman has attributes for each and every API programmer: ask construction, evaluations & pre-request scripts, factors, surroundings, and ask descriptions, designed to operate seamlessly together. Postman was developed to create your present workflow better and faster.

Built on the Postman App You Know
Postman Pro expands the toolchain of this Postman App, utilized by 3million programmers worldwide. Same user friendly interface, built on a single underlying technology coating for strong performance.

Collaboration, API Documentation, API Monitoring
Characteristics for the energy API programmer, such as improved cooperation, customizable web-viewable Documentation, and API Tracking, customized to your Postman Collections.

People, Small Teams, and Massive Teams
Postman Pro is now employed by individual developers, in addition to programmer teams varying in size from two to 200+. Teams functioning QA, DevOps, front-end & backend advancement, and API publishing use Guru to make sure a very simple and effectual API experience.

Note: In demo version, real-time team collaboration is disabled (available as a 30 day trial if you choose to go with Postman Pro).

- Various bug fixes and stability improvements for tabs
- Made the the position of tab actions fixed
- Added more visibility when a request or response is in a conflicted or deleted state
- Fixed a bug where undo stack wasn't cleared if a different request opens in the same tab
- Fixed a bug where duplicate parameter keys disappear when unchecked
- Fixed a bug where save example did not preserve response status code
- Fixed a bug where the response view formatting used to reset when switching tabs
- Fixed a bug where closing single unsaved tab attempts to close all tabs after having cancelled close all tabs once
- Fixed a bug where request description didn't scroll when viewing in tab
- Fixed a bug where body resets to pretty view when changing tabs
- Fixed exporting collection variables with disabled entries
- Fixed a bug where generated collection links were not shown until app restart
- Fixed a bug in renaming a personal workspace
- Fixed text-wrapping issues in runner
- Fixed a bug to show long test names in tooltip inside run results
- Added link to view monitor results on dashboard after creating one
- Fixed a bug where long variable names were overflowing in the variable hover dropdown
- Fixed a bug where collection variables were not resolved in generated code snippets

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