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    Oct 09, 2018
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PomoDoneApp is the simplest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current job management service. PomoDoneApp unites the potency of Pomodoro-style time management with task tracking so that you may get more work done in less time. The Pomodoro technique is one method to make the most out of your time! 

Track time
Utilize Pomodoro method to keep track of time you spend on your endeavors.

Quick and simple
PomoDone icon in your toolbar allows you to start, stop, and pause task only in seconds.

Easy setup
Don't make any tasks! Simply connect your favourite task management service and get started utilizing PomoDone only in 3 minutes.

Have fun
Brilliant items are simple. 25 minutes of work + 5 minutes break. That's all you want to stay sharp mind all the day. With PomoDone you can be certain -- you won't skip a break.

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