PDF Compressor V3

PDF Compressor V3

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With it you are able to shrink and decrease the size of PDFs while preserving best picture quality.

Having a wise compression motor, PDF Compressor V3 supports correcting the resolution of pictures contained in PDFs. It may compress pictures together with the CompressImages method to reduce image dimensions whilst keeping the quality as large as possible.


  • Eliminate all pictures from PDFs can lower the size of PDFs significantly.
  • Shift the resolution and graphics quality from 0 to 100 using a easy track bar management.
  • Eliminate unnecessary content.
  • Converting PDF documents to GrayScale and reduce PDF files size appreciably.
  • Supports multiple file compression.

Along with this CompressImages tool, the program provides seamless PDF compression technologies which could reduce the PDF file size by removing useless and unnecessary components. Should you will need the dimensions to be decreased further you are able to tweak the options to remove annotations, attachments, bookmarks in addition to unused items, fresh streams along with un-embbed fonts.

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