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PDF Compressor

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PDF Compressor, from Abelssoft, is a helpful utility which allows you compress Portable Document Format files into a custom size, either individually or in batch, therefore cutting down the quantity of space they consume on your PC.

PDF files have a lot of benefits, but they do occupy an excessive quantity of space as their dimensions can be very significant occasionally. Consequently they could occupy a great deal of disk space together with taking the time to move to a printer for a hard copy to be created.

This is the point where a compressor comes in to play. PDF Compressor can decrease the measurements of the document and save on disc space.

  • Simplifies batch compression.

PDF Compressor includes an intuitive and simple to use interface which makes it appropriate for both for inexperienced and experienced users. The major interface includes of a medium-sized, non-adjustable window which reveals a very simple button, until you add documents to it. This may be achieved either by drag and drop or using the explorer port. If you decide to add more than 1 document then you're presented with a trailer in individual tabs.

You're next presented with a slider, which you can specify the level of quality you will need for your own files. This is a easy approach to decrease or increase the percent you need alter on your own document. The moment you've left your settings changes, you simply hit Compress. You are now prompted to select a destination folder for your documents and the program deletes your documents as you asked.

In general, PDF Compressor is a lightweight, compact size reducer for the PDFs. It's user friendly, using an easy, simple interface which may be navigated by consumers of all levels of experience. We'd love to have noticed a few more configuration options and possibly the ability to see changes in full display, but as much as fundamental compression moves, PDF Compressor is a fantastic selection.

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