Password Vault Manager Enterprise

Password Vault Manager Enterprise

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    Microsoft Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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    Oct 25, 2018
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Password Vault Manager lets you and your staff centralize your organization's passwords and credentials into one secure repository.

Handle user safety rights and accessibility, reduce help desk service calls and fortify your system security by creating just robust and unique passwords.

Stop losing time retrieving forgotten passwords and revel in the industry's most intuitive and customizable dash.


Password Management
Safe, arrange and save your passwords into groups and folders. Handle your bank and credit card info, alert codes, software keys, email account information and several others using one master password. Eliminate time loss on regaining forgotten passwords and qualifications. Reduce help-desk call by 25% to 40 percent.

Documents & Information
Manage files as attachments or secure notes. View access logs and reports for management purposes. Keep tracks of every action including the changes on an entry.

Team Option 
Centralize credentials and passwords into a secure repository for easy maintenance and updates. Share data entries between multiples users. Manage user safety accesses.

Boost network security with powerful and special passwords. Identify weak passwords. Generate random passwords that are random. U.S. federal government approved collateral.

User Interface & Organization
Intuitive interface for all kind of users. Easy to deploy, easy to use in an Enterprise environment. No extensive training required.

Other Features
Import passwords and credentials from a huge assortment of management tools including: KeePass, 1password, LastPass, SplashID, Password Safe and many others. Mobile device operation model encouraged Extend the application with our SDK.

Note: 30 days trial version. Requires .NET Framework.

- Database upgrade required .NET 4.7.2 required
- Added a new permission Repository (Add)
- Added a setting to enable offline repositories
- Added Check in (force) data source permissions
- Added documentation search
- Added plain text editor document type
- Integrated I've been pwned password check
- Added "Prompt for password before going offline" to SQLServer, MySQL & MariaDB data sources
- Added a checkbox for the pwned password analysis in the password analyzer report
- Added a context menu for the selected session in the tab group view
- Added a Reconnect menu in the undocked window
- Added a scrollbar to secure note plain textbox
- Added a setting to use the legacy security (privileges and security groups)
- Added Activity Log ID to export
- Added an export data for the duplicate entry report
- Added an option to prompt or not for the checkout comment
- Added certificate validation prompt
- Added connection state support with mySQL data source
- Added custom user authentication when unlocking SQL server data source
- Added datasource settings for allow datasource variable
- Added default ribbon option on start
- Added EnPass CSV Import
- Added Include Diagnostic option to error reports
- Added inherited checkout mode support
- Added inherited offline mode support
- Added Keep selection on clear filter option
- Added new "allow rights propagation by role" in SQL server datasource settings
- Added new log for connection clipboard copied
- Added option to disable the count check when opening playlists
- Added simple database validator prior to database upgrade
- Added support for repository in command line and protocol handler
- Added support for the new LastPass CSV export format (with grouping)
- Added support for TLS Option (None/SSL/X509) with MySQL/MariaDB
- Added the email as username for the Copy username and the email account
- Added the folder column for the Recent view
- Added the folder setting for the repository shortcut
- Added the logged username in the password history and moved the copy username from the data grid
- Added the session context menu in the Recent entry list
- Added the users and the roles assignment directly in the repository
- Added Update-RDMRepository cmdlet for the PowerShell module
- Adding view button to document entries. This makes entries read only and ignores check outs
- Changed check outs for documents to make them readonly instead of blocking them
- Changed the add from template list in alphabetic order
- Changed the auto update to be async
- Credit card PIN is now encrypted
- Data source list is now only visible if more than one data source configured
- Deprecated the mobile list view
- Improved DPS error display
- Improved FTP datasource directory handling
- Improved the clipboard security
- Improved the handbook templates management (Rename, confirmation on delete, sorting)
- Improved the password analyzer fields
- Improved the Password List to not prompt when it's selected
- Improved the user and role management UI
- Improved the user loading performance
- Moved the contact header (name, folder and image) to the top
- Replaced the required checkout by a new Optional checkout mode
- Sticky password import now imports password lists and links them to the appropriate website
- Updated embedded Chrome
- Fixed a possible connection issue with FTP, SFTP and WebDAV datasource
- Fixed a possible issue with ghost folders in the filtered tree
- Fixed a possible issue with the offline mode and the role cache
- Fixed an issue with blank screen when using WebRTC and Google Chrome embedded
- Fixed an issue with the database templates
- Fixed an issue with the home page selection on startup not working
- Fixed an issue with the template default name
- Fixed and improved the account name for Google Authenticator when setup on an SQL server
- Fixed application lock SQL Server Datasource login always failing
- Fixed documentation history in dark theme being really hard to see
- Fixed Google 2FA when userName contain a backslash
- Fixed HTML export where username was shown even when the value was empty
- Fixed issue with contact overview's description not taking in line breaks
- Fixed issue with password prompt in DODB when the credentials are wrong
- Fixed issue with the fullscreen mode in documentation template editor
- Fixed Password Analyser column filter lost on refresh
- Fixed Password History being disabled for folders
- Fixed possible crash with MySQL datasource when adding a new session
- Fixed possible crashes in Keepass XML imports
- Fixed possible issue when prompting the user for the data source password where the user entered the wrong password
- Fixed possible issue where a user with no access rights to the Default repository was unable to connect to any repository
- Fixed possible issue with MySQL database upgrade
- Fixed possible issue with MySQL database upgrade & send schema
- Fixed possible issue with MySQL Send Schema to support action
- Fixed potential issue with send schema with MariaDB data source
- Fixed scroll issue when including/excluding types
- Fixed user can't delete self in user management

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