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    Apr 20, 2018
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NoMachine is a free remote desktop program which has stacks of strong capabilities. You're able to watch smooth, high-resolution video and sound in the PC or Mac to some NoMachine-enabled device. The program even works with almost any USB controller, which means it is possible to play games remotely.

With NoMachine you are able to get your devices. You are able to print a document based on the distant computer to your own local printer.

  • Traveling to any desktop computer. Using NoMachine you can get any computer and start functioning like you had been sat in front of it.
  • Utilize almost any material. NoMachine provides you all your programs and content to get remotely. Whether that be functioning with animated versions, images or presentations.
  • Meet other people in which you work. The program enables you to securely share your desktop computer and enables collaboration and document sharing between you and your work colleagues.
  • Individual Interface. NoMachine's human-machine interface provides you a distant link that's lightning fast. The application supports multiple operating systems so that you do not need to be tied to a OS.

Supporting connections to physical desktops running Wayland. 
Locking the screen automatically when the NoMachine session is disconnected.
Adding a new option to server UI for activating the computer's lock screen.
Implementing a graphical interface for web sessions on Android smartphones and iPhones.
Forwarding the screen locking key combination (Win+L) to the remote Windows desktop.
Adding a notification in server.log file when session timeout is reached.
Reloading dbs information upon custom scripts' request.
Renaming the EnableLockScreen server key into EnableScreenBlanking.
Adapting the server UI to the new configuration key name, EnableScreenBlanking.
Allowing profiles to set connection and session type limits on a per user or per group basis.
Making available client IP and user name for the load-balancing script.
Configuring the Cloud Server to assign the user to a pool of servers.
Forwarding the screen locking key combination (Win+L) to Windows sessions via web.
Implementing the possibility to run the nxserver binary with Valgrind on Linux.
Federating a server without being prompted to accept the Cloud Server key.
NoMachine virtual desktops suddenly terminate on Ubuntu and Debian. 
Cannot connect to a Windows remote node when nobody is logged on. 
Wrong pointer shape in virtual desktops. 
NoMachine Monitor ignores the option to hide the connection bar in the tray menu. 
Input events are passed to a wrong GUI session on macOS. 
Voice input from remote client to server doesn't arrive clear. 
Deleting the user from Users DB prevents other users from being able to log-in. 
User cannot authenticate to the remote node when the name of its system group is not correctly resolved. 
Authentication failed while trying to unlock changes in Server preferences. 
Automatic resize fails in GNOME virtual desktops. 
Hovering over buttons or links in Chrome has no effect. 
The NoMachine Monitor notification balloon is not positioned correctly in some desktop environments. 
No UUID after installing NoMachine Enterprise Client as user without administrator privileges. 
Cannot detect a physical session if a process with a name starting with X or Xorg has a valid display. 
Physical session freezes with black screen if earlier connection fails on client side because of lost network. 
Updating a Workstation or Terminal Server v. 6 with a Terminal Server Node package is not blocked. 
Multiple issues when updating or installing NoMachine to a non default directory on Linux. 
Shutdown of the NoMachine server may leave nxserver processes running. 
ASMedia USB drivers and NoMachine USB drivers conflict on Windows laptop running docked. 
High CPU usage for nx processes when reconnecting to PulseAudio server is not possible. 
Wrong mouse cursor size on Retina displays. 
FLTK applications are not displayed correctly in virtual desktops. 
The remote screen is not resized to the browser's resolution when the connection file is loaded using the URI approach. 
NoMachine (server) takes 100% RAM on Windows when the nxlsa module is not accessible. 
Warning 'MaxRequestWorkers of 255 is not an integer multiple of ThreadsPerChild of 240' is reported in the nxhtd logs. 
The 'nxserver --terminate' command doesn't work on the main server. 
The image of the server product logo is missing inside a web session.
Audio stops working after the upgrade on server side to NoMachine v. 5.2.11.

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