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Nightingale is a totally free, open-source audio management plan that's based on exactly the Songbird networking player source code. It's a sleek and user-friendly interface which may be customized with 'feathers', '' Nightingale's response to skins.

As a result of this built-in browser, it's fast and simple to acquire additional content to the program like album art, add-ons and skins. You might even obtain additional funcionality through plugins such as along with Icecast support.


  • Ability to perform multiple music formats, including MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Apple Lossless and WMA
  • Capability to perform Apple FairPlay-encoded music on Windows and Mac platforms through hooks in to QuickTime (consent Occurs from iTunes)
  • Skill to perform Windows Media DRM music on Windows platforms
  • Media documents saved on pages seen in the browser appear as working files from Nightingale
  • MP3 file downloading
  • Capability to register to MP3 sites as playlists
  • Capability to Construct custom combinations
  • Capability to scan the user's pc for all sound files and insert them into a neighborhood library
  • A searchable and searchable graphical user interface like iTunes, along with mini-player style
  • Computer keyboard shortcuts and press keyboard service
  • integration with a plugin, finish with love/hate buttons
  • Microsoft MTP compatible device service
  • Capability to edit and store metadata tags
  • Gapless playback along with ReplayGain
  • View folders
  • Media export and import (from and also to iTunes)

Improved localization in every locales
Splash screen updated
“songbird” protocol is replaced by “ngale” Issue #121
Remove newsletter from firstrun dialog
Play count increment fixed Issue #142
Remove duplicate preferences menu entry on Linux Issue #100
Allow add-ons to have localized display panes titles Issue #5
Update add-ons locales (mashTape,, SHOUTcast) Issue #204
Disable metrics everywhere
Removed misleading warning in Watch Folder settings Issue #219
Fixed a extension issue Issue #222
Don't use GPU on Mac OS X Issue #230
Fixed importing wma files on Linux Issue #194
Added a firstrun and upgrade page
Migrate to new update host Issue #218
Fix updating on Linux Issue #179
Fix mashTape video tab

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