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    Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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    Mar 20, 2018
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NetSetMan is really handy utility which lets you rapidly change between pre-configured network configurations.

This is excellent if you travel regularly and connect to various networks. You may capture, alter and apply network configurations, based on which network installation you're linked to.

  • Computer title.
  • Default printer.
  • Network drives.
  • NIC status.
  • Connections (RAS/DUN/PPP/VPN).
  • DNS suffix.
  • Route table.
  • SMTP server.
  • Hosts File Entries.
  • System configurations.
  • MAC address.
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS).

NetSetMan eliminates the requirement for manual settings; you just create various profiles to store your system settings, then can change between them in several clicks. It enables you to use different settings settings for IP address Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, WiFi, Printer, and DNS servers.

*Unfortunately, the free version is limited to 6 community profiles.

Activation log shows assigned IP addresses when DHCP was set.
Skipping activation of settings if they are currently already set (To force re-initializing IP settings, set Adapter Status: Restart).
"Waiting for network" only if there are other settings following.
"No network adapter selected" only shown if relevant in that profile.
Several improvements for command line activation.
Fix: LAN/Adapter settings showed an error even if completed successfully.
Fix: Incorrect value for "Enabled" status in Tools: Adapters Details.
Fix: Activation order when connecting to a WiFi network and restarting NIC.
Fix: Error 7000000F for WiFi connection if NIC not ready after changing IP.
Fix: Format of some details in the activation log.
Fix: Reading current Gateway value didn't work in certain cases.
Fix: Show only one System Up-Time in TrayInfo if Boot Time = Work Time.
Fix: Rare problem with -aw/-ah command line parameters.
Fix (Pro): Firefox Proxy option "Same proxy for all protocols".
Fix (Pro): Cancelling profile activation while waiting for FF.

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