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NANO Anti-Virus Pro

By : NANO Security Ltd

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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    Apr 19, 2018
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NANO Antivirus Pro is a Powerful and Quick Anti Virus solution that Offers maximum Security of your Windows PC against all kinds of malware - cryptolockers, display filters, bank Trojans, potentially unwanted programs, spyware, adware, etc.. Throughout Development we've analyzed the contemporary needs to antivirus Applications and made a product which meets those requirements. NANO Security is the Russian firm that's based in 2009 based on of this Team that has developed and executed own anti virus technologies since 2003. Download NANO Antivirus Pro to Windows PC Now!

NANO Antivirus Pro Key Features:

Detection of all Kinds of malware
There Are several distinct sorts of malware. They differ from how they Spread, features of its own malicious actions, treatment steps. NANO Antivirus Pro gives security from all Kinds of malware: Banking Trojans, encryptors, display blockers, possibly unwanted Applications, spyware, adware, etc..

High rate functionality
The Scanning rate is a significant anti virus characteristic. NANO Antivirus Guru relies on a contemporary high heeled antivirus engine. Antivirus Can use all of the innovative capabilities of multi-core methods to accelerate The job. This enables optimizing the rate of all jobs, without slowing Down the pc and supplying its dependable protection.

Incremental update manner
An Incremental upgrade implies that rather than a complete virus definitions Download, just user's data on altered data, which can be now Missing, is sent. This Kind of upgrade is supplied by NANO Antivirus Guru, Letting You significantly decrease the update period and The total number of information received.

Malware therapy
Timely Detection of malicious software seems extremely important to guarantee the Safety of your PC. But it doesn't always occur. NANO Antivirus Pro purpose would be to Take Care of malicious software which have Formerly invisibly into the computer system. This Permits You to restore the Computer along with the infected user information.

Working manner optimization according to hardware setup
NANO So it can flexibly adapt to the abilities of a certain computer. Low resource consumption is guaranteed on machines of their first configuration. And as for strong multi-core chips, the anti virus Uses a distinctive discussion scheme, letting the most acceleration of all tasks.

You can customize interface
NANO Antivirus Pro provides the best way to configure the port "on-the-fly" to be able to comfortably fit the application in your Digital space. You May supply maximum convenience and performance With a couple of straightforward configurations, without repainting the anti virus. There Are several alternatives for the interface look and localization.

Extended technical assistance
When A question or issue arises, it's very important to acquire a prompt assistance In a handy way. NANO Antivirus Pro supplies various stations of Communicating with all the technical assistance services. Highly qualified Workers of this company provide help through email, Skype, ICQ, telephone. You can also ask any question and get an answer in the Official discussion.

Simultaneous work of Many users
In Cases where many users are operating on precisely the exact same PC under distinct Accounts, the right performance of this anti virus in multi-user manner is Extremely significant. NANO Antivirus Pro completely supports this manner, Providing easy access to the entire functionality of this program for each user.

Please note: This is 30 days trial version.

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