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    Nov 28, 2018
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With MEmu you are able to enjoy many exclusive titles which you are able to locate for your own Android platform, right on your PC. You do not have to correct any complex settings and configure the controllers, simply install it and begin playing.

Using MEmu, you are able to install Android games very easily, just click on the APK button on the ideal side of the interface, then choose the APK of the match that you would like to set up, and then wait patiently. It truly is that simple.

Just like most emulators, the controllers have been already installed, which means it's possible to play any sport with mouse or your keyboard. With MEmu, however, in case you do not like the way the controllers are configured, then you could always change them, or perhaps use a Xbox 360 controller if you're more familiar with console gaming.

There are many Android emulators available, but MEmu is a superb option. It provides you access to a huge variety of games for Android, directly in your PC. The amount of customization, compatibility, and document organization is far better than a number of the very well known options available on the market.

- Upgrade MEMU core engine for better performance
- Add support to tab different app like Chrome’s tab
- Add support to install XAPK file directly
- Add support to share camera among VMs (no need to configure any more)
- Add support to choose microphone device
- Add support to numerical mouse sensitivity in keymapping
- Add support to a new full functional command MEMUC (How-to)
- Improve CPU usage significantly in OpenGL mode
- Increase internal storage size to 32GB
- Reduce boot time by 30%
- Changes to Multi-MEMU
- Add support to batch import multiple VMs
- Add support to online upgrade Android 7.1 and Android 4.4
- Add support to change language separately
- Fix the issue of twinkling stripe on the left screen during video record
- Fix the issue of occasional black screen issue when switch graphic mode
- Fix the issue of occasional mouse failure in PUBG keymapping mode
- Fix the issue of occasional database access failure
- Fix some other tiny bugs

- It will take a little bit longer to boot new VM at the first time
- It will take longer to install if you have many existed VMs to overwrite

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