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MacUpdater can automatically monitor the newest updates of programs installed in your Mac. Launch MacUpdater to view at a glance which of your programs are obsolete. With a simple click you are able to upgrade any obsolete program. Let MacUpdater take good care of everything for you!

Scan your Programs - Keep the Overview
Nothing could be simpler than finding out which of your programs are obsolete with MacUpdater. You will see a listing of all of your programs, and programs with upgrades are recorded in red. You will find handy filter-options to show only those programs which are obsolete. You might even dismiss updates or apps you aren't interested in.

No Registration Needed - Complete Privacy
Compared to competing solutions, you do not have to enroll to use MacUpdater. Just launch it, update & scan. We do not monitor you and we do not market your information - since we do not have it. Actually we've got an industry-leading Privacy Policy which will keep you warm & cozy.

Stay Up-to-Date - Stay Secure
Updating apps couldn't be easier - simply click on the "Update" button next to some obsolete app and MacUpdater will upgrade the program to the present version automatically. MacUpdater can quietly run into the back-ground, assess your programs for updates daily and allow you to know about new upgrades with with alarms.

One-time Buy -- No Subscriptions
MacUpdater is a one-time-purchase -- with no unethical memberships, subscription garbage or adhesion contracts. There's not any need to offer your spirit or to rob the piggy-bank to utilize MacUpdater. And in case you simply wish to scan your programs without upgrading them, its free!

MacUpdater Usage:

1. ) Download MacUpdater out of FileHorse and after it's completed downloading it in Launchpad or your Programs folder.

2. ) Upon launch MacUpdater, it is going to scan your Application folder. It will display all of your programs in its window.Apps which have available updates are displayed in red and may be upgraded using a click the 'Update' button next to them.

3. ) MacUpdater is designed to be operating all of the time and to occasionally assess your programs for available upgrades so it can notify you if people become available. Therefore MacUpdater shows an icon at the menu-bar Rather than the Dock by default, to store preceding Dock-space. Both these settings may be altered in the 'Settings'-tab of MacUpdater's window in case you would rather scan-on-demand.

Add support for Google Chrome's Beta, Dev & Canary variants
Fixed inability to launch some installers
Fixed problems with updating apps on systems older than 10.13
Fixed problems on systems where 'ruby' complains about insecure folder permissions
Improved update-detection for some apps
Initial support for macOS 10.14 'Mojave'
Clean up created temp-files better

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