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    Mac OS X 10.9 or later
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    Jun 07, 2018
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Mactracker is a powerful diagnostic tool that can present every Mac OS X user with information regarding your present hardware, and hardware configuration of each Apple Macintosh computer ever produced. If keeps track of all processor speeds, optical drives, graphic cards, memory, supported Mac OS versions, and more. In addition to internal hardware, it also has extensive database of external device, which comprises all models of iPod, iPhone, iPad, scanners, printers, screens, digital cameras, mice, base channels, Wi-Fi Cards, and more. Mactracker for Mac is a freeware software comprising a full database of all Apple hardware models!

Made by the programmer Ian Page to help users of absolutely all knowledge amounts to readily list the present condition of Apple hardware, interface of this app manages to stay both exceptionally professional an easy to use in the same moment. Main dashboard features list of categories of hardware which was created by Apple. Listing starts with"All Versions", and then continues to be a focused increasingly more different categories like Present Models, This Mac, History, Timeline, Desktops, Notebooks, Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads and much more. It even has an integrated showcase of your own models of Macs which are attached to a main apple accounts, showcasing if that hardware is still covered by guarantee or will soon leave warranty. Each and every piece of hardware that's showcased with this program has a deep listing of all its elements, power levels, historical prices and many other information that will have the ability to paint you total picture about the capabilities of that Apple hardware.

Adds iPad (6th generation)
Adds details on latest OS releases
Updates Support Status for Apple's latest Vintage and Obsolete products
Other minor changes and additions

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