Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect

By : Paramount Software UK Ltd

( Non-Commercial Freeware )

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    Non-Commercial Freeware
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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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    Nov 27, 2018
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A comprehensive disaster recovery solution for your house and workplace. Protect your personal files, photographs, music and mails. Update your hard disk or attempt new working systems from the secure knowledge that all is stored in a readily retrieved backup file.

  • Do not undermine your information integrity with second greatest
  • Macrium Reflect uses top data compression methods to make accurate and dependable pictures of your hard disk or partitions on your disc drive.
  • Simple step-by-step operation
  • Picture and Restore using intuitive wizards and ports.
  • Automate the procedure
  • With Macrium Reflect it is possible to schedule Pictures to operate at any moment. Disk space management guarantees that you maximize the available space on external drives.
  • Retrieval
  • In case of a complete loss of the Windows operating system that your PC may be initiated using the Reflect recovery CD.

Please be aware that starting with version 5.2.6544 we're supplying the Macrium Installer, that will automatically download the right version on your PC. Additionally, it will download any essential Windows elements for you.

- We've added a check-box to re-enable legacy SMB 1.0 support in Windows RE and PE 10 version 1709 or greater

Bug Fixes:
- Backup completion emails could fail to send if the senders email was specified using the 'friendly name <[email protected]>' format. This has been resolved.
Rescue Media Builder:
- An application error could occur if Windows RE couldn't fit on CD media
- Old ISO files were not being deleted before creating new CD/DVD rescue media
- External USB volume format failure
- PE 10 rescue media would incorrectly show PE 5.0 in the Reflect application title bar
- SRT drivers were not being injected into the WIM when building rescue media
One Drive update failure:
- Macrium Service would lock OneDrive.exe and prevent Windows Update from updating the OneDrive service. This has been resolved
Macrium Image Guardian (MIG):
- MIG would fail to detect that a Robocopy operation was accessing a backup target when Reflect was configured to use the unique volume identifier to locate backup drives
- MIG could cause some Anti-Virus software to hang when inserting USB flash drives
Macrium Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT):
- A BSoD could occur after removal of a USB attached storage device
- CBT would incorrectly attach to devices flagged as having removable media
- A BSoD could occur if a user-mode application attempted to read an offline NTFS volume
- CBT could block formatting of some NTFS volumes, causing the format command to stall at 99%

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