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Little Snitch

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    Mac OS X
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    Mar 26, 2018
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Your Firewall offers protection from unwanted access on the internet. Little Snitch provides you control over your personal incoming data, which means that you may get control over your own privacy.

With Little Snitch you are able to monitor your desktop action. Whenever your computer connects to the world wide web, software will frequently have permission to ship some information where they have to. Little Snitch is aware of the action and asks you to determine exactly what you would like to occur with this information.

  • Control your system. You've got complete control over whether to allow or refuse connections. You might even specify a guideline for tackling future connection attempts.
  • Quiet protection.

Made Silent Mode actually silent again. Starting in Little Snitch 4.0.5, processes with certain code signature issues caused Connection Alerts to appear even during Silent Mode. These appeared in more situations than we originally intended, though, so we redesigned how this works. Now, no Connection Alerts will appear during Silent Mode (as it was before Little Snitch 4.0.5), but you may see a notification in the top-right corner of the screen about connections being denied due to code signature issues.
Bug Fixes:
Improved reliability when handling responses to DNS requests delivered via TCP instead of UDP. Credit to Samuel Williams of the RubyDNS project for discovering this issue.
When changing the active profile using Little Snitch’s menu bar item while a Connection Alert was shown, the active profile’s name was not updated in the Connection Alert’s profile picker. This works as expected now. Note that the correct profile was used when creating a rule – just the name in the profile picker was not updated.
Fixed an issue that could cause Connection Alerts to appear that would show no host or domain names, but IP addresses. This could sometimes happen relatively early after starting the computer for a very small number of users.

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