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    11.1.20 Build 91033
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    Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
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    Jun 21, 2018
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Komodo IDE is a thorough editor that provides a huge array of integrations developed to make your task simpler. Along with offering support for more than 100 languages on any operating platform, Komodo is customizable to fit your requirements. Komodo IDE comprises each the integrations that you want to keep in-the-zone and have more done. Get your favourite frameworks, languages, and resources at 1 cross-platform, polyglot IDE. Komodo supports over 100 languages such as Python, PHP, Go, Perl, Tcl, Ruby, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Komodo IDE is really the only IDE you are going to want. Just need the free standard variant?


Slack Sharing
Share code snippets straight from Komodo to a own team on Slack. 

Gulp, Grunt, NPM, Yarn
Integrates with Gulp, Grunt, NPM and Yarn, providing you with fast access to common tasks. 

Cordova & PhoneGap
Run emulators, build goals, socialize with Cordova & PhoneGap effortlessly. 

Recruitment Tool
Compose and use tutorials for languages such as Catalyst, Django, Flask, Pyramid and Rails. 

Chrome Debugging
Debug net programs with chrome dev tools, set your breakpoints in which you compose your code.
Komodo supports a number of popular contemporary web frameworks

Note: 21 days trial version.

Abbreviations: Not triggering in certain contexts
- Check Config: Breaks if PATH is blank
- Codeintel: Prefs missing when second window opened
- Codeintel: Added fuzzy finding of completions
- Codeintel: Added support for XUL
- Codeintel: Adding Additional Directories to CodeIntel Does Prompt a Scan
- Codeintel: Consider ‘$’ and ‘@’ as completion characters for JS and CSS languages, respectively
- Codeintel: CSS: Fixed ‘!important’ value sometimes not showing in completions
- Codeintel: Ensure @property-decorated Python functions are detected as methods
- Codeintel: Expose 3rd party API catalogs in prefs
- Codeintel: find references: Handle non-word symbol characters properly
- Codeintel: Fix calltip drawing glitch
- Codeintel: Fix calltips showing twice when calltips while typing are enabled
- CodeIntel: Fix completion queries not detected properly
- CodeIntel: Fix completions inserting redundant characters for legacy languages
- CodeIntel: Fix completions not inserting properly when in the middle of a word
- CodeIntel: Fix completions not iterable under GoLang
- Codeintel: Fix completions sometimes not triggering
- Codeintel: Fix completions triggering too aggressively on CSS/SCSS/LESS and some other languages
- CodeIntel: Fix issue where Komodo was triggering stale completions
- CodeIntel: Fix rescan button not working
- CodeIntel: Fix stale completions being triggered
- Codeintel: Fix symbolbrowser icons not aligned properly
- CodeIntel: Fixed “show calltips while typing” pref not being respected
- Codeintel: Fixed autocompletions not closing when invoking the “cancel autocompletion” command
- Codeintel: Fixed calltip info not showing after first calltip
- Codeintel: Fixed jump to next/prev section in file scope
- Codeintel: Fixed legacy Python parser to handle unicode encoding errors
- Codeintel: Handle different HTML doctype declarations and use their respective stdlibs
- Codeintel: Initial support for “Find References”
- Codeintel: JavaScript: Added JSDoc completions
- Codeintel: LESS: Show variable completions
- Codeintel: Perl: Ensure variables assigned to functions are reflected as functions
- Codeintel: Perl: Fixed failing module imports
- Codeintel: Perl: Fixed nested namespace handling
- Codeintel: Python: fix parsing errors by ignoring Python 3 type hints for now
- Codeintel: Reduce symbolbrowser entry padding (more info on screen)
- Codeintel: Remove “Section List” references
- Codeintel: remove filter on view change. Load prev. filter on new view
- Codeintel: Remove memory leak on file close
- Codeintel: SCSS: Fixed completion context after SCSS variable definition
- Colorschemes: scheme changes still occur after change name dialog cancelled
- Commando: Clear cache now clears cache for all scopes
- Commando: Fix composer integration causing Komodo to hang
- Commando: List of open files is outdated
- Completions: CSS completions trigger on ‘;’
- Completions: CSS don’t show completions on ‘,’
- Completions: Golang, don’t do completions on ‘;’
- Dialogs: Dialogs open empty on OSX
- Dynamic buttons: menupopup spans entire screen
- Dynamic toolbar: add cpanm initialize button
- Editor: Do not cancel XML tag editing on backspace
- Editor: Fixed hang with multiple selections over variables
- File Template: Add interpolation to file templates
- Find: Can’t close “Floating” find results tabs
- Find: replace: Allow “replace all” in any non-binary (text) file
- Find: Use original directory when searching again with find in files
- FTPS: Unable to connect to FTPS on OSX
- Git: commit dialog can’t show diff for deleted files
- Git: missing branches in status bar
- Help: Fix help system and tags. Fixes #1174 and probably others
- Icons: incorrect handling of local paths. Convert paths to URIs
- Interpolation: incorrect input and name of selection intrpl
- KoDoc: Allow for languages with no file extension
- Komodo: thinks it closed improperly when asked to restart
- Lint: JavaScript: Added support for EsLint by Defman21
- Lint: JSX: Switched JSX linter from legacy jsxhint to new eslint linter
- Lint: python: pyflakes: Handle unexpected indentation errors
- Macro: Workaround async paste on Linux
- Places: Exception thrown when New File exists already
- Prefs: Check config window pref buttons are broken
- Prefs: Don’t set invalid interpreter unless user chooses to
- Prefs: Project lvl lang include paths pref blocks global even when deleted
- Print Preview: Print preview not working
- Printdebug: fix icon, active state, UX updates
- PrintDebug: some property fields not loading properly
- Printing: Fix printing not working
- Projects: Project won’t load while restoring window
- Projects: Remove outdated Firefox project template
- Projects: Rmv old Komodo addon template project
- ProjectWizard: Don’t allow file path in project path field
- Publishing: Alert user if push fails due to connection issues
- Publishing: Allow to reload after sync. Don’t force reopn of dialog
- Publishing: Dialog appears to hang on large projects. Give more feedback
- Publishing: Force action confirmation dialog cuts off text
- Publishing: Force push and Pull don’t work for multiple files
- Publishing: Force Push/Pull warning msg doesn’t fit in dialog box
- Publishing: Incorrect tooltiptext for reload sync status
- Publishing: Progress bar not working in dialog
- Refactoring: “show changes” button never enables
- Refactoring: breaks in JS files on anonymous functions
- Refactoring: Fixed error raised when attempting to rename variable
- Refactoring: Komodo gets stuck after diff’ing proposed changes
- Refactoring: Make renameVar more reliable with CI3
- Refactoring: refactoring changes global “find” settings
- Refatoring: Rename Variable not working
- Remote Files: reconnect fails with SSH key configured
- Run: Preserve Windows ‘’ path separators
- Runinline: lang included directories pref ignored
- SCC: bad layout of Push dialog. Fixes #2296
- SCC: file context for SCC should override Places
- Scintilla: win32: Disallow handling of some deprecated WM_ and EM_ messages
- Scope completions now attempt to show all possible top-level symbols as approximate matches
- SDK: Fix Shell docs comments and add more informative details
- SDK: Fix textbox value not properly being set if it’s already in the DOM
- SDK: return menuitem when adding item to a UI menu
- Slack Share: Allow direct msgs and msgs to groups
- Snippets: indentation wrong when multiline selection injected
- Startup Wizard: Doc links open dialog behind wizard
- Symbol Browser: Scroll Code browser to scope. Includes scroll buffer pref
- Templates: HTML5 templates open as HTML
- Templates: file from template from places loses language
- Toolbar: Sidebar show/hide command has wrong desc
- Toolbox: Update Abbreviations with language field
- Toolbox: Add “General” lang to support snippet injection into any file type
- Toolbox: Convert snippet to Print Statement get wrong language
- Toolbox: HTML file templates empty
- Toolbox: Snippet props, prevent error when langage isn’t set
- Toolbox: update sample tool
- Toolbox: writeCleanData not writing correct wrapper for komodo meta
- Tutorials: Can’t open floating tutorials
- Tutorials: using chrome close button doesn’t close tutorial properly
- UI Layout: Save layout to prefs after customizing
- UI: toggle file tabs menu option state not propagating
- Ui/Textbox: Can’t set textbox to “”, returns curr val
- Uilayout: fix error calling saveState for prefs
- Unit testing: Fix pytest tests not parsing properly under pytest 3.3
- Unit tests: Fix unit tests not running due to “ko undefined” error
- Unittests: Troublel with dots
- View: Link Views menu item isn’t updating
- Views: Files sometimes open with blank views
- Views: Extend ko/views with splitview funcs
- Views: Implement multiview scrolling
- Widgets: bootstrapped addon widgets not restsoring from shutdown
- Widgets: Komodo sometimes hung when opening second window
- Widgets: Make sure widget opens in default location if floating pane load fails
- Widgets: restore floating pane position on reboot
- Widgets: save tab order and support placing a widget when it’s added after ui restore has run
- Widgets: UI not restored properly after crash
- Workspace2: essentially merge with original workspace code
- Workspaces: Upgrade prefs, remove stale window prefs
- Xdebug: Add PHP 7.2 bits

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