Kid3 Audio Tagger

Kid3 Audio Tagger

By : Urs Fleisch

( Open Source )

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In case you've got a massive selection of sound files and will need to categorise them fast, then Kid3 Audio Tagger is a superb selection.

Kid3 Audio Tagger is both lightweight and user friendly. With it, you are able to edit the tags of of your music tracks, regardless of what format they're in. It supports all types of files kinds, such as .MP3, .FLAC, .MP3, .WAV, .WMA and .OGG.

  • Edit all ID3v2.3 along with ID3v2.4 frames.
  • Convert between ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3 along with ID3v2.4 tags.
  • Edit tags of multiple documents.
  • Rename and make directories out of tags.
  • Create tags in the contents of label fields.
  • Create playlist documents.
  • Gently convert lower and upper case and replace strings.
  • Automate tasks using QML/JavaScript, D-Bus or even the command-line interface.
  • Edit synchronized lyrics and event timing codes, export and import LRC files.
  • Export tags as CSV, HTML, playlists, Kover XML and from additional formats.

As a batch ID3 tag editor Kid3 Audio Tagger is so excellent. The interface is quite simple to use; there's just a single window to function in. The structured design is easily navigated by using the browser, folder perspective or 'drag and drop' to import songs. For editing your tags it is possible to alter, amongst other items, the name, artist, album, comment, date, track number and genre. You might even replicate tags into the Clipboard and then paste them to multiple regions too.

The program imports data from several sources like Discogs, Amazon, MusicBrainz, and Fingerprint. It is possible to browse for cover artwork, create playlists, apply filters and place text encoding, and monitor numbers.

In general, if you want to tag multiple sound files, if they're .MP3, .WMA, .Ogg/ /.Vorbis, .FLAC, .MPC, .MP4/ /.AAC, .WAV or .AIFF documents, without needing to manually input the data advertising, then Kid3 Audio Tagger is a program you should really try.

Download Kids3 Audio Tagger for Mac

Improves the speed when saving with a lot of unchanged files in the directory.
Fixes wrong parsing of the xid atom when using the Mp4v2Metadata plugin, scrolling to the opened file when using a custom sort order in the file list and avoids changing the file name extension when setting file names from the tags.

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