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    9.2.8 Build 3061
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    Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
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    Nov 28, 2018
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Kerio Control brings along next-generation firewall Capacities -- Such as a network Router and Firewall, Internet content and software filtering. These comprehensive capabilities And unmatched deployment flexibility create Kerio Control that the perfect alternative for small and midsize companies. Protect your system from viruses malware and malicious action using Kerio Control, the easy-to-administer yet effective all-in-one safety solution.

Key Features:

Next-Generation Firewall, Router and also Leading-Edge IPS
Preserve The ethics of your servers using deep packet inspection and innovative Network routing capabilities -- such as simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 support. Create outbound and inbound traffic policies, limiting Communicating by particular URL, content, traffic type, articles Class and time of the day.

Advanced Gateway Antivirus
Maintain Viruses, viruses, trojans and adware from inside your system with Incorporated Kerio Antivirus. The discretionary antivirus support scans all Internet Upgrading itself with the most recent virus definitions.

Industry-Leading Internet Content and Program Filtering
Selectively Block, let or log entry to 141 classes of internet content and Software using Kerio Control Internet Filter with program awareness. Maintain bandwidth-hogging traffic such as streaming movie off your system or Block peer reviewed networks. Maintain your customers from seeing malware Websites That are proven to contain spyware and viruses or to take part in phishing Or identity theft.

Industry-Leading Web, Content and Application Filtering
Easily Prioritize and track network traffic to ensure high-speed Transmission for the most essential traffic types. Internet Link Load Balancing optimizes Internet accessibility by distributing traffic over A number of links. Kerio Control monitors connect accessibility, and Automatically deletes or re-enables hyperlinks to guarantee continuous Internet access.

Productivity-Boosting Utilization Reporting
Get Comprehensive usage reporting using Kerio Control Statistics. This part Lets supervisors and admins see the net and program actions of Individual users by a listing of websites visited, to this particular Search terms users input internet search engines and sites.

Secure VPN
Connect Kerio's very own VPN tunneling using dead-simple installation requires minimal Setup, and gives a high performance network link. Or, Use industry-standard IPsec/L2TP for connectivity in mobile devices or third-party firewalls. Enable 2-step confirmation for an Excess layer of Safety on all sorts of remote access.

Remote Management and Tracking
Manage All management and configuration tasks in the customizable On-line console with your own desktop or tablet computer. Instantly and safely Access security preferences, manage bandwidth and users, and place traffic Policies via an interface that is intuitive.

Flexible Deployment
Bring Safe operations to some IT environment, today and moving forward. Deploy As an application appliance, a digital server, or even a performance-optimized Hardware appliance. Remote installation of hardware appliances will be simpler And quicker than previously with self-provisioning via MyKerio.

Please note; It's a 30-days trial version.

- 2-Step verification UI improvements
- DHCP leases column added in DHCP
- DST notification added to time zone settings page
- IPv6 anti-spoofing functionality added
- Linux VPN client now supports systemd
- Unify approach to entering URL in rules
- Upgraded Firefox install CA walkthrough screenshots
- Fixed: Categories are not getting merged one when testing the miscategorized URLs in the Content filter
- Fixed: Changing description for multiple users changes only those who have separate configuration
- Fixed: Crash with error handling during domain joining/leaving
- Fixed: Disable view user statistic when multiple users are selected
- Fixed: Entries with multiple members in Service list not getting searched
- Fixed: HTTP Cache dump should work without selected cache any message type
- Fixed: Interface group ordering disabled
- Fixed: IPSec connection is dropped every 3 hours
- Fixed: IPsec: Some fields are cleared when Cipher configuration dialog is closed
- Fixed: P2P suspicious connection detection
- Fixed: Prevent consuming license usage when there is spoofing IPv6 connection
- Fixed: Show details while joining AD fails because of time skew
- Fixed: Technical support button on dashboard redirects to GFI support now
- Fixed: Tunnel reset when cipher config dialog is closed
- Fixed: User right column sort by rendered value
- Fixed: SafeSearch blocking Google Cloud Messaging

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