Kanto Karaoke Player

Kanto Karaoke Player

By : Globosoft Srl

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    Jan 23, 2018
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Kanto Karaoke Player

Are you really a key crooner? Or do you like to let-rip near the very top of your lungs? Well, you can now place this hairbrush down and revel in the energy of tune correctly, together with Kanto Karaoke Player.

Kanto Karaoke explains itself as a skilled and advanced Karaoke Player and Recorder, designed for amateurs and professionals alike.

User friendly, you merely start your karaoke record of option (.Kar, .Mid, .MP3, .MP3+CDG( or movie), pick your tune and begin to sing!

It gives easy control of your playlists along with also a "Live Performance" module to program the tunes to perform with. And due to this crossfade consequence, you're able to easily change from 1 tune to another for that specialist touch.


Mic configurations out there.

  • Midi to MP3: Immediate conversion midi to MP3, without melody track. Prior to conversion you may opt to eliminate the melody trail (vocal track), so you'll have a more "blank" funding track!

Kanto Karaoke Player delivers a completely free version, which doesn't offer you all the features offered in complete versions. Its installation file is modest and its core elements can be set up in only a couple of seconds as you would expect, its compatible with all popular Windows versions.

New settings options.
Singer Rotation feature.
Music Background and effetcs.

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