JRiver Media Center (64-bit)

JRiver Media Center (64-bit)

By : JRiver Inc

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    Windows Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Dec 13, 2018
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J. River Media Center 64-bit is absolute networking alternative to broad libraries. It arrange play, and label all sorts of media documents and Rip, Burn, function to Xbox, PS3, UPnP, DLNA, and TiVo. Includes audiophile caliber, Ten feet style, remote controller, HD TV Recording in real time, customizable press viewpoints, supports playe, Cameras, 90+ press file formats, integration using Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, cover artwork lookup, three-dimensional ports, visualization Studio allows you create your own visualizations, DSP Studio allows personalization of the listening environment, bright lists Based on principles, drag-and-drop for simple Play list production, support for CD and DVD database, and support for popular handheld gamers.


JRiver Media Center is your premier sound alternative. Whether you need audiophile quality, or you also need quick access to some half million documents, no additional applications will do just like JRiver does. By default, it is going to scan your hard disk drive for media files, however it is also possible to let you know what to export. To split CD's only place a CD on your drive. Download Today!


JRiver Media Center gives the maximum quality audio available. Plus it also plays everything, with no installation required. MC's Red October DirectShow service is the grade of the business. Video comes at a great deal of bundles. DVD and Radio, streaming movie in Netflix or Hulu, Youtube clips and films, etc. JRiver Media Center incorporates these into one seamless interface.

Media Network

JRiver Media Center for Desktop may benefit from your own LAN and Internet links, which means it's possible to relish your networking wherever you're. The collection of qualities that provide this can be named Media Network. Media Center comprises several applications servers which could share your websites between PC's. You're able to tear and organize on a single server, and perform on a lot of more. You are able to utilize MC's zones to function media to a number of customers, even playing various media in precisely the exact same moment. You might even utilize a PS3 or a Xbox 360. Remote management is simple. Media Center supports virtually any distant using a Green Button, and also the majority of other remotes may be programmed to get the job done. JRiver offers a Media Center Remote that's sure to work directly out of the box. Media Center may automatically convert video and audio streams for customer playback as soon as your connection is not fast enough to perform unconverted media. Installation is straightforward. Then enter that essential onto any client that you would like to use. An evaluation mode may utilize JRiver's servers to check whether access from outside your system will get the job done.

HTPC (Home Theater PC)

A Home Theater PC is a personal computer that's joined to a tv, a projector, or even a sound video receiver for the function of watching movie or tv from throughout the area. Believe Couch Potato. This requires what's known as a"ten foot" port or GUI so the individual on the opposing side of the area may see it well enough to restrain it. Media Center's ten foot opinion is named Theater View. A distant is generally used so the viewer could stay on the sofa. JRiver supports many types. Media Center includes a ten foot port named Theater View. It is drawn with 3D images so it's a wonderful elastic texture. Additionally, it is configurable, so that you are able to remove portions that you do not utilize, or move items around to fit your own taste. Background images give it extra allure.


Publish a camera , wait several seconds for Windows to locate it, and then click Win from the Action Window. Documents are copied to your temp folder, where you are able to rename, rotate, and label them. Then utilize MC's Rename, Move, and Copy instrument to manually transfer the documents to directories based on date or alternative label details. Edit documents with a click. Crop, correct, resize, along with other common programs are all readily available. Editing automatically piles the originals and every stored version, and that means that you may easily reverse or begin over. The first stays unchanged.

Important Note: 30 days trial version.

- Streamlined the code that finds network interfaces so that they are only used once upon start of the program instead of every time a socket is created

- Some mp4 or m4a audio with AAC encoding could not be played with JRiver mp4 plug-in

- Tag-writing for MP4/m4a audio files will use Apple's extensible tagging format if the files already contain such tags

- Locking and unlocking split views didn't properly save the lock between restarts of the program

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