iStat Menus for Mac

iStat Menus for Mac

By : Bjango

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    Apr 12, 2018
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IStat Menus is a system monitor which you are able to command directly from the menubar. This newest edition of the program sports a fresh and new design that's modelled for Yosemite.

The program has clean, clear and crisp menubar icons along with dropdown menus. IStat Menus provides you info in your own system temperature, system lovers and Bluetooth.

Multiple heart support with 7 screen modes.

  • Performance: Monitor Memory use. 4 screen modes, page ins/outs and swap utilization screen.
  • Disks: Monitor Disc use and action. 6 screen manners, ability to conceal discs.
  • Temp: Monitor the Temperature of the body. 2 screen modes, together with the capacity to conceal detectors.

Prerequisites: OS X 10.8 or after

Added an option to reset all settings.
Added location name to weather dropdown when using “current location” to fetch weather.
Added ability to change color of menubar labels.
Added an option to show BSD names for network interfaces.
Added a separate notification type for IPv6 address changes.
Improved error handling of weather data.
Improved naming of S.M.A.R.T. and NVMe based temperature sensors.
Improved daylight saving notifications.
Improved disk activity monitoring.
Improved disk temperature monitoring.
Fixed an issue with some menubar date formats being displayed incorrectly.
Fixed an issue with dates using incorrect calendar with some locale settings.
Fixed an issue with selected fan speeds not being correctly restored after sleep.
Fixed an issue with the exported settings icon.

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