Insomnia for Mac

Insomnia for Mac

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Insomnia is a powerful REST API Client with cookie handling, environment factors, code creation, and Headers, and consent all in 1 area. Then simply hit send. Get all The details about each reply. View status, headers, Biscuits, and much more! Produce workspaces or hyperlinks, drag-and-drop asks, And export and import your information. Insomnia is much more than only an HTTP customer! Insomnia is free, collaborativeand open source, and cross-platform which makes it the ideal companion for both teams and individuals.

Never replicate yourself
Reuse Frequent values such as API secrets or session IDs. Define environment Factors worldwide or change between sub-environments to get a smooth development/production workflow.

Write less code
Generate code snippets for over thirty language libraries, including Curl, NodeJS, Go, Swift, Python, Java, C, and others.

Adore the adventure
Get Started fast with Insomnia's intuitive interface, and also select from Nine unique colour topics to recreate your experience to you personally.

Looking Insomnia for Windows? Download here!

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