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Hydrogen is a strong, Open Source, virtual drum machine which operates without any extra plugins and contains a fantastic choice of samples and layouts to have fun with.

Hydrogen may be performed by means of a PC computer keyboard, coupled with an outside Midi control or it may be connected to sequencing applications like Sternberg's Cubase.

  • Fast and reactive graphical interface based on QT 4.
  • Sample-based stereo sound engine.
  • Supports .WAV, .AU along with .AIFF formats.
  • Supports samples compacted in FLAC.
  • Multi layer service for tools (up to 16 samples for every tool).
  • Single and piled design manner.

The program is actually straightforward to get to grips with. It's four Chief windows which include of a Song Editor, also a Pattern Editor, a Sample Editor along with the Mixer.
The Song Editors is really where you can arrange the total composition of your job. You're able to make new designs in the Pattern Editor; possibly shifting existing patterns or altering created ones. The Pattern Editor could be looked at through a Drum opinion or even a Piano view. In the Beats perspective Hydrogen is essentially used as a drum system, although at Piano view it's employed as an overall synthesizer.

Hydrogen's audio editing interface allows you hack and play with assorted samples. It's three segments that include a sample visualization, and a period adjustment area, without changing the frequency, and also a third place for bettering your closing work. The Mixer is based on a traditional digital mixer using a Fader, a Mute plus also a Solo button. This is the location where you combine your samples and drum beats to make your work.

In general, Hydrogen is a great virtual drum system. It isn't heavy in your system tools, it's relatively lightweight (such as a audio production app), and the port is simple to navigate and utilize. Should you truly feel as though you would like to test out some conquer editing then Hydrogen is a program to look out.

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