HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

By : EFF

( Freeware )

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HTTPS Everywhere is an extension to your Chrome browser, which helps to ensure your link to specific sites* is accomplished within secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS).

HTTPS Everywhere will automatically change thousands of sites from speculative "HTTP" to secure "HTTPS". The expansion can guard you against numerous types of protection and account hijacking, and some kinds of censorship.

In concept HTTPS Everywhere should work tremendously well, but that is not true for many sites. It just works for those sites which encourage encrypted communication but don't have it enabled by default. This is accomplished by copying the requests to all these internet locations so the link is accomplished in a safe way.

The HTTPS Everywhere expansion increases your safety throughout your surfing sessions, however it's not ideal as not all sites are encouraged.

Reduce out-of-band ruleset update TTL from 48 to 24 hours.
Bundled ruleset updates.

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