GitHub Desktop for Mac

GitHub Desktop for Mac

By : GitHub, Inc

( Freeware )

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    Mac OS X 10.9 or later
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    May 30, 2018
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GitHub Desktop for Mac is a Simple way to contribute to Jobs on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.

Pull requests, merge button, fork queue, issues, pages, wiki: most of wonderful features which make sharing easier. However, these things are just great after you've pushed your code into GitHub.


Start a project
You will find all of the projects you're working on recorded in the sidebar. If you're starting a new job, use the repository drop down menu to create a new repository or clone an existing individual directly from

Branch off
Branches are essential to proposing modifications and reviewing code on GitHub--plus they are always available at the top left corner of the repository perspective. Just choose the current branch to switch sections or create a fresh one.

Craft the perfect commit
View a diff of your chosen changes, and form the best commit by selecting the documents --or even the particular lines--which compose a change. Input the description and summary, then devote.

Synchronize branches
The sync button pushes your developments to GitHub and pulls down other's modifications in 1 operation. It notifies you understand when you have changes you have not pushed or there are new modifications on GitHub you have not pulled down.

Clone repositories in one click
When you add repositories into GitHub Desktop for Mac, we automatically fit them up with any organizations you belong to. Wish to pull down a repository out of Check out the button on the Site.

Powerfully simple branching
Branching is just one of Git's finest features. We've made it easy to try out distant branches, create new local branches and print branches to talk to others.

Notice : Requires 64-bit chip.

Also Available: GitHub Desktop for Windows

History now has ability to compare to another branch and merge outstanding commits
Support for selecting more than one file in the changes list
Render bitmap images in diffs

Add PowerShell Core support for Windows and macOS
Add MacVim support for macOS
Syntax highlighting for JavaServer Pages (JSP)
Syntax highlighting for Haxe files
Syntax highlighting for R files

- 'Open in Shell' on Linux ensures Git is on PATH
- Pressing 'Enter' on filtered Pull Request does not checkout
- Alert icon shrinks in rename dialog when branch name is long
'Open in Desktop' performs fetch to ensure branch exists before checkout
'Open in Default Program' on Windows changes the window title
Skip fast-forwarding when there are many eligible local branches
Image diffs not working for files with upper-case file extension
Syntax highlighting not working for files with upper-case file extension
Error when creating Git LFS progress causes clone to fail
'Open File in External Editor' always opens a new instance
'Select All' shortcut now works for changes list

Automatically add valid repository when using command line interface
Always fast-forward the default branch
Warn when trying to rename a published branch
Added context menu for files in commit history
Discarding all changes always prompts for confirmation
Getting list of changed files is now more efficient when dealing with thousands of files
Checking out a Pull Request may skip unnecessary fetch
Commit summary now has a hint to indicate why committing is disabled
Pull request status text now matches format on GitHub
Add escape hatch to disable hardware acceleration when launching

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