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    Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
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    May 15, 2018
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Ghost Browser lets you log in to any site with several accounts from 1 window. This may be quite handy once you handle multiple social networking profiles for every one of the social networking platforms. Phantom Browser is developed on Chromium which means you already understand how to utilize it. Backed from 1,000s of Chromium open source programmers around the globe!

Use Cases

Ghost Browser can create all sections at your tech business become more effective and complete their work quicker. Gain a competitive advantage without sacrificing protection and using more browsing solitude than the significant browsers. It is an enterprise-level alternative for the most frequent productivity problems.

Multi-Session Browsing

Say goodbye to the ineffective ways of utilizing browser profiles, multiple browsers or browser extensions using poor ports simply to log into a website with numerous unique accounts. The multilogin capacities of Sessions would be the solution you have had the entire time and also the only one you will ever need. Sessions are color-coded tabs which have dispersed cookie jars so that you can manage multilogin effortlessly -- in 1 browser window. You can also name the Sessions to help you remain even more organized! As soon as you get started using Sessions, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Projects Organize Your Day Like No Browser Has Ever Done

When it's daily repetitive activities, one-off important activities or anything else, Projects will keep you productive. Use Projects to arrange any pair of tabs that are related. When it's home purchasing, QAing the exact same thing repeatedly or keeping all of tabs linked to your customers different, Projects will keep you focused and on task. Switching between jobs hasn't been so simple -- You can save Sessions so you'll be logged in to multiple accounts once you start a undertaking.

Built on a Familiar Platform - Chromium

Ghost is another browser constructed on a comfortable platform -- Chromium. That means three major things: It is secure; You understand how to utilize it and in under a moment you are able to replicate your Chrome encounter by importing all your preferences AND extensions. You probably thought it'd be difficult to change browsers. And normally you would be right! But not when you're switching into Ghost.

New Privacy Features:
- In this release we have implemented 4 key anti-tracking mechanisms that you can toggle on or off. They are located in your browser settings under the privacy tab. (Menu–>Settings–>Advanced–>Privacy). You can always go to your settings and do a search on the setting name too
- Some of the settings turn off features that you may want turned on sometimes so be sure to review the privacy setting descriptions on our blog before changing any of these settings

The new settings allow you to:
- Spoof scaling of fonts to prevent font fingerprinting
- Fully prevent WebRTC leaks – not just IP address but also hiding your media device IDs
- Disable WebGL to prevent fingerprinting of your device
- Prevent HTML5 Canvas Fingerprinting by injecting noise into attempts to track you through this method

Existing Features with Improved Privacy Protections:
- We also launched Identities today. Identities are a new take on Sessions and are the answer for anyone wondering how to create isolated browser personas with confidence. They are a productivity feature that we’ve covered in a different post, but they also have privacy implications that are worth mentioning here
- Identities are like Sessions – they isolate your cookie jars in color-coded tabs and allow you to assign a different IP address to each set of colored tabs. But unlike Sessions, Identities have permanent cookie jars and settings so that even if you close all the tabs within an Identity, the cookies and proxy connection preferences you set for that Identity in Ghost Proxy Control will persist
- So any time you open a tab into an identity, you can be confident that the cookies that were there before are still there and you’ll connect through the same IP address
- This means you wont cross browsing sessions or accidentally access a site from the same account on two IP addresses or two accounts on the same IP address

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