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GeoGebra is a free dynamic math software tool for many degrees of innovative instruction.

Users may utilize GeoGebra as a standalone product or they can also benefit from different features such as interactive learning, instruction and evaluation tools which are available on the internet.

GeoGebra is for mathematics specialists and is a intricate application directed at users that are familiar with hard math, but it will have benefits over other programs because GeoGebra supplies multiple representations of items which are all dynamically connected. Basically, the concept is to link geometric, algebraic, and numerical representations in an interactive manner. With GeoGebra you are able to directly enter and control equations and coordinates, thus permitting you to plot purposes; operate with sliders to explore parameters; locate symbolic derivatives; and use controls like Root or Sequence.

Key attributes include:

  • Free to use applications for learning, teaching and analysis.
  • Completely interactive, easy-to-use interface that has many strong capabilities.
  • Accessibility into an abysmal pool of funds.
  • An enjoyable way to actually see and experience science and mathematics.
  • Adaptable to any program or job.
  • Used by countless individuals around the globe.

In general, GeoGebra is a good tool which spans numerous mathematical areas. It offers multiple representations of linked objects that protect arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus and there's huge online resource community to help users. GeoGebra is a lively math program that has obtained numerous instructional software awards, also supports STEM instruction and innovations in teaching and learning internationally.

Download GeoGebra for Mac

- Fix for touchscreens with Chrome 70+
- Fix for eg ((x + 1) / 41 + 0z = y / -16,(x + 1) / 41 = (z - 3) / a) becoming undefined after a = 0
- Fix for Asymptote(x^(-2n)) and Asymptote(log(f(x))
- LaTeX: fix for Epsilon
- Splines: fix export to PSTricks / PGF and fix problem with closed splines

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