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GanttProject is a open source project management program that delivers an impressive collection of features and dedicated project management applications. It's absolutely free to use, even for industrial use. The program was designed to operate right on your desktop computer, with no online connection required.

  • Produce Gantt charts.
  • Make and organize jobs.
  • Create jobs and landmarks.
  • Draw dependence limitations.
  • Produce baselines.
  • Create PERT charts.
  • Produce and assign individual resources.
  • Monitor job assignments.
  • Create reports in PDF, as a PNG/JPEG picture.

GanttProject lets you organize your projects easily. It's a dependable, robust app that's packed with helpful tools and features to allow you to handle your jobs from the get go.

Together with GanttProject you can make a work breakdown structure, with which you can arrange all your jobs under a single roof. From that point, you may produce a hierarchy tree to outline and monitor improvement, costs, and dates along with pretty much anything else that has to be tracked during the job. Tasks can be seen when in usage and dropped when you aren't working on these.

You can create custom fields for your endeavors, so you aren't confined to the limitations that the program comes pre-loaded with. The customisation options do not just finish with custom areas. As an example, you can relate 1 job to another, and set timers for jobs to start when others finish.

In general, GanttProject supplies you with a variety of job management tools to use. From setting baselines, through to collecting data from reporting graphs and delegating job missions, GanttProject has it covered.

Notice: GanttProject is written in Java and requires Java Runtime version 7 or greater to be installed.

- Calendar updates and bugfixes

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