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GameMaker Studio two is the most up-to-date and greatest incarnation of all GameMaker! Without any barriers to entry and effective performance, GameMaker Studio two is the greatest 2D development environment! Making games development available to everybody means eliminating the obstacles to getting started. Using our instinctive'Drag and drop' development environment you'll have your game up and running in a matter of moments without having to write any code! GameMaker's built-in language (GML) helps you learn how to program as you proceed rather than jump in at the deep end of programming.

GameMaker permits you to execute AAA game attributes hassle-free. Bring your games to life with 2D physics, develop a booming player base with cross-platform system drama, and produce stunning visual effects with shaders. 


Backwards Compatible
Import your GameMaker: Studio jobs into Studio two and have them prepared to operate in a Few Minutes. 

YoYo Account
GameMaker Studio 2 utilizes your own YoYo Account to supply one login for all your match making demands. 

Together with our integrated tutorials you'll have your learning stuff docked right on your workspace. 

Notebook Mode
for every one our customers who develop laptop pcs we've developed an efficient workflow that doesn't get in the means of development. 

Customise your development environment by selecting from our predefined skins or producing your own. 

Object Editor
Together with our distinctive stucture and workflow it's never been easier to handle the objects inside your match. 

Script Editor
With the ability to divide the editor you may work with many files with a window for every. 

Superior Workflow
Drag and Drop like never before, make the match you desire without writing any code. 

Pick what you want from our comprehensive library of events and activities to sculpt the match you would like. 

Code Preview
Learn how to plan by simply watching the code supporting our DnD™ activities and choose your games to another level. 

GameMaker Language
According to C programming language, GML provides you all of the power of additional programming languages while still being simple to learn. 

Take control of how things are arranged inside your chambers and draw sprites right with no necessity for an item. 

Tile Brushes
Make repeat a breeze by producing a set of drawing and tiles them straight to the area. 

Insert variety quickly to your projects by sharing shared resources and code. 

Brush Based Editing
Produce a brush out of any part of your image only and economically using our astonishing new editor. 

Cartoon Service 
Bring your sprites to life with a bit of movement and take your games to another level. 

Expand the energy of GameMaker by integrating third party libraries and SDKs.
The one-stop-shop for programmers to get all the wonderful game making resources made by members of their GameMaker community.

Switch Changes:
- See this FAQ for a summary of the changes from 2.1.5 to 2.2.0
- Note: This link will only work if you have the Switch license!

Logout-on-Shutdown System:
- Added a new Preference to automatically log users out when closing GMS2
- Note that this is off by default, as it's really only intended for educational users who want extra clean-up to happen between sessions - for most people, unticking "Remember Me" on the login dialog will do the trick
- See this FAQ for more information

Android Build System Changes:
- We've changed how the Android NDK build process is done which caused issues with building YYC on specific devices namely API 23 devices when using a newer version of the NDK such as 17b or higher
- This change also fixes the issue users were seeing with the error "Unable to find library for armv7l"
- NOTE: This change also raises the minimum API level you must set in game options to 16 (up from 9)

Misc IDE Fixes:
- Fixed the runtime installation process so it uses fewer temporary drive mappings, which should stop "Z:manifest" errors
- Note: If your Windows user is not allowed to use subst due to permission/policy restrictions you will always need to resolve this yourself before attempting to install/update
- Fixed issues where projects got an asset compiler error and couldn't build because a resource had no audiogroup or texturegroup set
- Fixed the macOS Finder dialog so it now adds the correct file extension onto the filename chosen when exporting files from the Mac IDE
- Fixed an IDE crash in the DnD Editor if you tried to drag a Else node onto a If node inside that Else block
- Fixed an issue where for some users with corrupt installations the sound editor would not open when opening or creating sound resources
- Note: The change here is to simply allow the sound editor to open - you still won't be able to play the sound, and instead you will get a dialog informing of the corrupt install

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