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Freeplane for Mac

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Freeplane for Mac is an entirely totally free and open source software program that supports believing, sharing advice and getting things done on the job, in school and in your home. The program may be used to get head mapping and assessing the information in mind maps. It may be conducted locally or portably from removable storage such as a USB drive.


  • Note carrying with publicly positionable, unconnected nodes (post-it's);
  • Ordering ideas (nodes) to a hierarchy attached by lines (edges);
  • Classifying nodes using metadata (attributes) and fashion types (system designs, user defined designs, level fashions);
  • Grouping nodes using visual containers (clouds) and accolade (outline node);
  • Connecting nodes using dynamic connections, free lines (connectors) and tags;
  • Automatically styling nodes (using a bubble, colour, border type, etc.) based on hierarchical level and articles (conditional fashions, automated border color, level fashions);
  • Structuring nodes concerning material (text, scientific formulation, calculation, pub, image and hyperlink) and demonstration area (heart, details, notes, characteristics, pictures and tooltip);
  • Changing viewpoints by concealing content (folding branches, filtering, roll-up of information and concealing extensions in tooltip), discovering, scrolling and browsing;
  • Tasking with reminders and calendar;
  • Password protecting of entire map and of nodes using DES encryption;
  • ease of use using inline- and conversation editors, object oriented primary menu, context menu, multi-language service, spell checker, possessions panel, drag& drop functionality, hot keys, alternatives for batch implementation, uploading, sharing and selectable tastes;
  • Approximate Hunt (similarity search) that allows to locate search terms in a text, even when there's absolutely not any specific match (e.g. "installation" = "setup" or "flie" = "document").
  • Support for LaTeX formulae underneath/in nodes
  • Easy expansion of performance with add-ons and homemade scripts;
  • Integration with Docear academic literature package;
  • Extensive assistance through Wiki and Forum; and documentation and tutorial in the shape of a brain map.

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