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Freegate is an enemy of control programming for secure and quick Internet get to. Access blocked site effortlessly! This circumvention intermediary secrecy programming is utilized by millions in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and numerous different nations. It was created and kept up by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. (DIT), a pioneer in oversight circumvention activity. Download Freegate Professional Edition for Windows PC today! 

Clients get to sites abroad as quick as their neighborhood ones. Requires no establishment or change in framework setting. A solitary executable document on a Windows stage! Visit your most loved pages while keeping away from recognition! 

Freegate Professional Edition works by taking advantage of an enemy of control spine, DynaWeb, DIT's P2P-like intermediary organize framework. Freegate's enemy of control capacity is additionally improved by another, remarkable encryption and pressure calculation in the forms of 6.33 or more. 

Freegate FAQ: 

How would I introduce and run Freegate? 
You may download and run Freegate with no establishment. Simply double tap the Freegate executible. Your IE program will dispatch and open the Dynaweb landing page. You can fill in the location of the site you need to visit in the info box and snap "Unknown Surfing". 

How would I uninstall Freegate? 
All you require is to erase the Freegate executible. 

I set my default program as Firefox, yet Freegate opens IE. 
As a matter of course, when Freegate for PC keeps running in Proxy Mode, it naturally sets the intermediary of IE to, and opens Dynaweb landing page in IE, paying little respect to your default program setting. You can helpfully visit any site by composing the location on the IE address bar straightforwardly, simply indistinguishable path from when you are not utilizing Freegate. 

Would i be able to utilize Freegate with Firefox or different programs? 
Truly, obviously. You simply need to physically set the program HTTP intermediary to before you can surf the Internet. In the event that you use Firefox, you can introduce the GProxy Add-on and use it to helpfully set the intermediary. 

Each time I download Freegate, the executable is diverse in size and md5sum. 
To evade some enemy of infection and firewall items' mixed up recognizable proof of Freegate as an indirect access Trojan, we have given various variations of the equivalent Freegate programming for download. The download joins are shown each one in turn. All variations of Freegate are practically indistinguishable. Meanwhile, we are reaching the product sellers to address this mis-characterization. 

What is the distinction between Proxy Mode and Classic Mode? 
Freegate has two running modes, to be specific Proxy Mode and Classic Mode. In Proxy Mode which is the default, the program naturally sets IE's intermediary. You can specifically enter any URL in the Internet program's location bar and safely visit that site. In Classic Mode, you don't have to setup a program's intermediary and can specifically get to Dynaweb's landing page. You can then safely visit any abroad site through Dynaweb's landing page. In Classic Mode, design and arranging of a few sites may not be effectively shown. We suggest Proxy Mode for best surfing knowledge. A few clients like to great mode to be reminded that he is surfing through Dynaweb. 

Would i be able to utilize my own intermediary server when utilizing Freegate? 
Truly, it would be ideal if you ensure your intermediary server is working. After Freegate for Desktop is propelled, it would be ideal if you go to "Server" tab, and snap "Intermediary Settings" catch, another window springs up, click "Physically Set Proxy + Freegate", and fill in your intermediary server address and port. Next time when you dispatch Freegate, you will see this window and can fill in your intermediary server for Freegate to use to interface with the Internet. Encoded traffic will go through the intermediary server you set. 

What will I design in my Firewall to most likely use Freegate? 
Freegate needs to associate out so as to work. On the off chance that you have a firewall introduced on your PC, when you dispatch Freegate, your firewall may spring up a window inquiring as to whether you permit Freegate to interface. If you don't mind pick permit. On the off chance that your firewall does not spring up and Freegate can't discover servers, kindly check your firewall standards and ensure it doesn't square Freegate.

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