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FreeMind is meant for editing Mind channels, XML/HTML files, and directory trees. The information will be presented to the consumer as a Mind map. This can be accomplished with a modular design, making it feasible to quickly write modules, just designing the design of this issue (the data structure), without having elaborate visual instructions.

Key attributes include:

  • Fully usable after HTML links stored at the nodes, be it hyperlinks or hyperlinks to local files.
  • You can move the map by dragging the map desktop in addition to utilizing mouse wheel.
  • Possibility to edit and use long tail nodes; even with newlines.
  • Document mode allows you to navigate the files on your own personal computer, viewing the folder structure in your mind map. Pasting of hyperlinks in HTML or structuring the content that is glued on the basis of the amount of leading spaces in a lineup
  • Possibility to decorate nodes using built-in icons, colours and various fonts.
  • Find centre with folding assistance.

FreeMind is a fantastic tool to use, if you aren't that good at keeping an eye on jobs. It permits you to see sub-tasks, condition of sub-tasks and time recording. It's a variety of useful tools, like the capability to see collections of small or mid sized notes, either without links that are tabbed.

Though FreeMind includes a OK user interface that's somewhat intuitive and well arranged, the operation has a range of weak problems; including adding images in nodes. Apparently this is in a first phase, and then, should you have to get a mobile Mind map with complete graphics, you're likely to battle, if you don't take those picture files with you.

In general, FreeMind is fantastic tool to enable you to imagine a job, but it's fairly a intricate program which could do with a new interface and some focus to core purposes.

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