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Free Flash Player

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It's a very simple user interface wrapped around a typical explorer frame and also the drop down menus will feel more comfortable to the majority of users.

Flash video (FLV) is a really common format for internet video websites, but not all of networking players support it. Since Free Flash Player was especially designed to perform FLV files it's proficient at doing this. Upon evaluations the program found no problems opening and enjoying FLV video files in full display.

Free Flash Player won't merely perform FLV files, but in addition a few other formats also, WMV for example. The choices within this particular player are extremely limited however; you are able to start and play with files and that is about it sadly. However if you're in want of a comparatively lightweight application which will permit you to start and play with FLV files and that is all you require, subsequently Free Flash Player would probably be what you're searching for. That said you can find other free software available which have more features and functionality.

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