Free Firewall (32-bit)

Free Firewall (32-bit)

By : Evorim

( Freeware )

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Free firewall is a full-included proficient free firewall that ensures against the dangers of the Internet. Control each program on your PC by allow or deny access to the Internet. Free Firewall will tell you if applications need to get to the Internet out of sight, without your insight. In Paranoid mode, no product can access on the Internet or system, without your earlier assent. You have full power over the stream of information out of your framework and into. Free Firewall download for Windows today! 


Insurance against outside dangers
Keep the assailant to gain admittance to your PC by abusing security vulnerabilities. Shield yourself from a remote access and control of your framework and access to your own data. 

Assurance against inward dangers
Ensure yourself, your security and your own information, by keeping the encroached malware from access to the Internet. Keep that infections and worms spread on the system. 

Manage web traffic
Separately direct the entrance to the system and Internet per application. Enable access to the Internet just those projects, you unequivocally trust. 

Access notice
In the event that a non-controlled program needs to get to the Internet, you will get promptly a warning with which you can allow or hinder the Internet get to. 

Jumpy mode
Trust nobody! In Paranoid mode, no product can access on the Internet or system, without your earlier assent. Just applications which you trust get Internet get to. 

Unsuspecting mode
Is it true that you are an unsophisticated individual? You have no dread about your security? In Credulous mode, all applications will approach the Internet or system until the point when you expressly preclude it. 

Extra highlights
Free firewall isn't just a full-included firewall, however gives extra highlights to ensure your security against assailants. Keep that following administrations on sites dissect your surfing propensities. The firewall averts calls to insights and investigation benefits on Internet pages, which log the client conduct out of sight. 

Contact cordial
The UI is upgraded for contact touchy gadgets. Consequently you can work the product on your work area PC and workstation with the mouse just as with the fingers on tablets and Ultrabooks. 

Avert telemetry
Stop the download of telemetry information of the particular programming maker and the Microsoft Server. The firewall obstructs all foundation transmissions of telemetry information of the Windows working framework on the server in the Internet. 

Identify infections
Hostile to infection programming just secures against known dangers. New infections are just taken after weeks into the counter infection database. Meanwhile, an infection can unleash ruin. With Free Firewall you figure out which program move information out of sight and counteract them. So your own data doesn't fall into outside hands. 

Square botnets
Botnets comprise of a ton of PCs that are running a malware out of sight and can be remotely misused for assaults. Free firewall advises you about information move out of sight, which you can rapidly square. 

Helpful mode
In contrast to numerous different Firewalls, Free Firewall can be worked with some other firewall in parallel. Additionally with Windows Firewall. So appreciate a more elevated amount of assurance and consolidate diverse capacities to their additional esteem and without additional expense. 

The UI has been converted into your dialect, so you can get the full security. What's more, that for nothing! Is your dialect still not under the interpreted, so help and decipher with us! 

Framework prerequisites 
Bolstered working frameworks: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. Bolstered server working frameworks: Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2. Equipment prerequisites: 128 MB RAM, 1 Ghz CPU, 100 MB Storage space.

New features and improvements:
- New translations: French, Spanish, Chinese

Changes and fixes:
- Corrected display errors in the user interface
- Corrected memory leak in firewall service
- Last rule, in selected zones, was not implemented correctly

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