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It makes the color of your computer's display accommodate to the period of afternoon, warm through the night and enjoy sun through the daytime. It is possible that you are staying up late owing to your PC.

Ever Notice how individuals texting at nighttime have this eerie blue glow? Or wake Up prepared to write the upcoming Great concept, and receive blindsided with your Monitor?

Throughout the daytime, computer displays look Great --they are intended to look just like sunlight. You likely should not be taking a look at sunlight.

f.lux Makes your monitor look like the area you are in, all of the time. After the sun sets, it leaves your computer seem just like your indoor lighting. In the early hours, it gets things seem like sun .

Inform f.lux what type of lighting that you have, and in which you reside. Forget about this f.lux is going to get the rest, automatically.


- This new version of f.lux has a grayscale mode and new key to turn it on: Windows + End
- You may already know about Tristan Harris and the Center for Humane Technology. They’ve explained how apps mess with our attention, so even the colors used on our screens are chosen to distract you. At first, we didn’t think this problem would be as bad on the desktop as it is on your phone
- The big surprise is how distracting the icons on the top and bottom of your screen are. These icon colors are the kind of thing you see in candy stores and on fire alarms, but we have to ignore them just to get work done. Without those colors, your computer looks more like a magazine that can help you focus on reading or thinking—it feels different, like a sheet of paper
- Also, turning your devices to grayscale does not remove blue light, so f.lux will continue to do what it does
- In this version, there’s also dusk-to-dawn support for people with Hue lights, so you can put Hue lights outside and use f.lux to turn them off during the day
- There are some bugfixes too

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