EmEditor Professional (64-bit)

EmEditor Professional (64-bit)

By : Emurasoft Inc

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    Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Nov 09, 2018
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EmEditor Professional 64-bit is a quick, lightweight, yet extensible, user-friendly text editor for Windows PC. Both indigenous 64-bit and 32-bit builds can be found! Supports strong macros, Unicode, and also quite huge files. Emurasoft's Classic mission is to realize our customers' needs and desires from listening To them with compassion and experience. We appreciate timely Customer Care, And are honored to have users that are distinguished, such as important Corporations, educational institutions, associations of the European Union, ministries of Japan, and authorities from all around the world. EmEditor Text Editor for Windows also has earned Windows 10 certificate from Microsoft.

An HTML Designer
The Snippets plugin allows you to easily insert often used HTML tags (like h1, h2, p, a, etc.)), templates, scripts, styles, and Several additional HTML components. Together with the Snippets plugin, you can use computer keyboard Shortcuts like CTRL + B) to generate the text highlighted (utilizing Zen-coding Lets you code HTML components incredibly quicker. The HTML Bar plugin Lets you alter your HTML files with recognizable toolbar buttons. The Tooltip to demonstrate HTML/XML personality references attribute is helpful...

A Developer/Programmer
The Projects plugin shows the listing of variable and function definitions in The present document or inside a job. The Automobile Marker attribute Lets you highlight precisely the identical chain as the variable or function Names in the cursor. The Narrowing feature Permits You to concentrate on a Specified section of record and protect different areas of the document. Multiple choice editing permits you to change variable names readily. Topical tools permit you to set your compiler using EmEditor. The Spell checking attribute knows CamelCase...

An Editor or Publisher
EmEditor Lets you compose text extremely fast. EmEditor can start quickly, and also as When you start an EmEditor window, then it permits you to start scanning. The Snippets plugin permits you to insert text. The Word Complete plugin helps one to complete phrases while you type. The Overview Attributes enable you to demonstrate the overview of your own text. The Term Count Plug-in can count not just words but any given characters or words...

An Database Administrator
EmEditor Lets you open huge files fast, and the huge File Controller permits you to open just a predetermined part of a massive file. EmEditor Permits You to start CSV, TSV, or even user-defined separator (DSV) files. You can sort based on column values (Publish or Numerically), also you are able to configure resizing options like stable-sort. EmEditor permits you to divide or merge documents...

An Server Administrator
Server Log files have a tendency to be somewhat large. EmEditor can start very large documents, Along with the huge File Controller permits you to open just a specified Part, for example, the previous part of this document. The elastic search Feature permits you to look for a particular term. You can also utilize the Bookmark attributes, so which it is possible to bookmark lines which fit specific Standards, like lines with mistake key words or URLs. And then you can Extract these lines into a new document...

If You Want a Free Text Editor
If You want a very best free text editor, so EmEditor Free may be perfect for you. Enables one to perform a lot of text editing jobs without buying the product. Please note that the comparison graph whether it's ideal for you. As Soon as You downgrade the item to EmEditor Free, then you Won't Ever be requested To update or find any advertising messages, so go right ahead of time and keep It because the free version provided that you'd love!

Note that its a 30 days trial version.

- Fixed the issue where the app could be downgraded to the Free version if the annual subscription expiry is between November 8th and December 6th, due to wrong date information in the app.
- Fixed customer-reported issues

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