Default Folder X for Mac

Default Folder X for Mac

By : St. Clair Software

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    Mac OS X 10.10 or later
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    Apr 18, 2018
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Default Folder X for Mac enriches the Open and Save dialogs from every one your applications so that you can... Move faster: Quickly browse through folders with hierarchical menus that extend as you mouse over them. Can it all Previewlabel, tag, rename, compress, delete or add comments to files at almost any Open or Save dialog. Click here: Want to store a document in a folder you have open in the Finder? 


Directory Assistant
Access your current, favourite, and start folders out of DFX's toolbar. Hierarchical pop-up menus allow you browse through folders to access your documents. 

Actual Time Saving
If you are constantly saving items within precisely the exact same folder, then DFX can keep in mind that folder to you. Or you could place it as the default option for a program so that you're in the ideal folder from the beginning.

Finder Management
DFX enables you to open or store to any Finder window with one click. Additionally, it enables you to access information on, copy, rename, and delete present files, setting the Finder's capability in each Open and Save dialogue. 

Immediate Recall
To assist you quickly go back to files and folders you have used lately, DFX recalls them. It re-selects the last file you started. With DFX, you're never going to forget where you put something.

In Your Fingertips
Get areas quickly using keyboard shortcuts to your favourite folders. DFX's shortcuts are totally configurable. 

Spotlight on the Position
Tag your documents or edit your own Spotlight opinions from inside any Open or Save dialog. Do not recall what tags you used previously? DFX shows you all your recently used tags - simply drag and drop.

Please Note: 30 days trial version and it requires 64-bit processor.

Feature enhancements:
Default Folder X's folder switching within file dialogs is faster and more reliable
ForkLift 3 is now supported by Default Folder X's Finder-click feature. If you want to access all tabs and panes shown in a ForkLift window, Control-click on the gray overlay window displayed by Default Folder X. Default Folder X will work with ForkLift version 3.2.2 or higher
The Recent Files menu will show all recent documents in applications that don't have a native document type (like Trello)
Default Folder X is now compatible with Magnet and BetterTouchTool
You can double-click items in the Finder drawer to open them
Additional AppleScript verbs give you access to recent Finder windows in scripts
There is now a keyboard shortcut to take you to the folder containing the current application. Set a shortcut in Preferences > Shortcuts
You can set a delay before the preview pops up for items in the Finder drawer. Hold down the Option key while selecting the Preferences menu to get to it
The purchase process has been streamlined when you buy an upgrade using the "Buy" button within Default Folder X

Bug fixes:
Fixed user interface glitches in the Folders tab of the Default Folder X preferences window
Corrected a bug that could prevent the Save button from working in Save As dialogs under certain conditions
Fixed a bug in the tracking of recent folders when you open a file directly from Default Folder X's Recent Files menu
Previews correctly pop up from the Recent Files menu when it is invoked using AppleScript
Fixed a bug that made the path menu overlap the search field in the Finder's "Fix alias" file dialog
Corrected a problem with the file dialog layout in Microsoft Excel 2011's save dialogs when running on High Sierra
Eliminated a number of crashes and made Default Folder X more tolerant of transient errors in macOS
Resolved a compatibility issue with Xcode 9

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