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    Nov 06, 2018
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Dashlane is a very safe, free password manager. It is possible to import your passwords Chrome or some other browser to your protected password vault. With Dashlane you'll be able to save any lost passwords as you navigate and the program permits you to earn a new password directly within your own browser. You get automatic alerts when sites become busted!

  • Get security alarms that are sent right to your device when some one of your account could be compromised.
  • You're able to create strong passwords that are new, save them into your own password vault, and autofill them as you navigate.
  • Encrypt and discuss passwords in Dashlane. With Dashlane it's possible to handle shared access and Sync upgrades between yourself and people which you discuss with, mechanically.

Dashlane provides you automatic login for all your account using a free password manager. Sophisticated logins with two measure authentication or 3 field entrances like bank accounts are handled without any issues with Dashlane.

- Monitor your Password Health in our new Identity Dashboard. Get a complete picture of your online security in one convenient place, so you can understand what to improve and take action fast
- Dark Web Monitoring: Dashlane scans the web for any leaked personal data and sends alerts, so you can take immediate action to protect your accounts
- VPN for WiFi protection: Dashlane encrypts your online activity on unsecure WiFi networks to always keep your personal information safe and private
- Use Inbox Security Scan to scan your email inbox and find all the accounts you've created, analyze their security, and save them in Dashlane
- Secure Document Storage: Encrypt and store sensitive documents and files in Dashlane to access them anywhere
- In this update, we're also introducing a new plan, Dashlane Premium Plus (U.S. only), to help you prevent and protect yourself from the consequences of breaches and identity theft. Premium Plus includes all the benefits of Dashlane Premium, plus credit monitoring, identity restoration, and up to $1 million* of Identity Theft Insurance

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