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    Jan 17, 2019
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FTP software isn't the most glamorous class, however CyberDuck handles to earn file transfer attractive. With an appealing interface and service for cloud storage, then it is head and shoulders above its rivals.

CyberDuck is readily available for either the Window sand Mac platforms, and it supplies quite a few attributes over its peers. It is an FTP and SFTP program, but in addition, it supports WebDAV, thus providing easy accessibility to web-based discs.

Other advantages include:

  • Quick, easy integration with a content delivery network (CDN) like Akamai, creating your site stronger and improving uptime.
  • Accessibility to Amazon S3 storage like it was an external hard disk.
  • Quick access to internet URLs for documents you are searching.
  • Service for Growl.
  • Service for SSH, also two factor authentication with Google.

CyberDuck additionally integrates seamlessly with different suppliers utilizing 2 APIs: Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift.

With built-in aid for Google Drive along with Amazon S3, also being a customer which allows you handle file permissions, show hidden documents, and set speed limitations, Cyberduck ticks all the boxes.

- Localize Estonian Localization
- Feature Default connection profile for Microsoft Sharepoint Online
- Feature Support for eu-west-3 (Stockholm) region (S3)
- Feature Improve listing performance for versioned buckets (S3)
- Feature Add --profile option to select connection profile(CLI)
- Feature Add option to disable checksum verification for file transfers
- Bugfix Stop button to interrupt transfer
- Bugfix Save passphrase for private key in keychain only aftersuccessful connect
- Bugfix Failure authenticating with proxy using Integrated WindowsAuthentication (IWA) authentication (WebDAV, Windows)
- Bugfix Failure authenticating with NTLM authentication (WebDAV,Windows)
- Bugfix Failure to read attributes of common prefix (S3)
- Bugfix Asks for OAuth authentication code on every connect attempt(Google Drive)
- Bugfix Transfers with many files to vault take a long time to finish(Cryptomator)
- Bugfix Cannot list KMS keys when using IAM Cross Account Roles (S3)
- Bugfix Updated localizations

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