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    Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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    Jan 15, 2018
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CrococryptFile is a small and discreet file encryption tool which produces encrypted archives of random folders and files.

CrococryptFile is a package that comprises the following: Password-based encryption (after PBKDF2) using AES-256, Windows Keystore established encryption with RSA keys and AES-256, and also GPG/OpenPGP main based encryption using AES-256.

In a variety of ways the encryption attributes of CrococryptFile might be contrasted to a ZIP utility, that utilizes ZIP's AES encryption, however there are gaps between them both.

In general, CrococryptFile is a very helpful tool which reliably permits you to encode files that are significant and thus renders them inaccessible for some other unauthorized users. The utility permits you to add files into some password-protected archivefile, and the encodes the document title, time/date, in addition to the file size details. Since the program integrates with the Windows Explorer context menu, then you could even right-click on the file and begin the encoding procedure.

New: Support for Russian added.

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