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ContentBarrier for Mac (was Family Protector) understands that the Internet is a double-edged sword: it is a great resource for kids, but strangers and inappropriate websites lurk just a click away. Intego ContentBarrier acts as your children's digital protector every time they go online. It allows you to install customized profiles which monitor Internet habits and restrict adult content. Your kids are given a world that is age-appropriate and you are granted peace of mind. Shield your kids from inappropriate and harmful Internet content! Smart and instinctive parental control software for Mac, Download Now!


You wouldn't let your children ride bikes on a freeway do you? 
The Internet moves quickly --maybe a little too quickly for your kids. While the Internet places a world of data at kids' fingertips, in addition, it sets them just one click away from inappropriate websites and harmful men and women. Intego ContentBarrier is the parental controls alternative which lets you create the proper boundaries for almost any child from toddler to teenager.

Parental Controls to maintain your kids on kid friendly sites
Gambling websites and especially pornography are no place for children. Intego ContentBarrier for Mac may block out entire classes of sites, which means that your children aren't exposed to objectionable content. You might also establish a particular list of approved websites, so your kids can access them without accidentally running into a filter.

User profiles and custom parental controls for each child
No two children are alike. Each of your children has a different maturity level and warrants another type of online access. Intego ContentBarrier features present user profiles or customizable parental control settings for every family member. This way, your adolescent can get online to do research for assignments while your youngest could publish a coloring sheet or watch her favorite cartoon.

Establish time limits on Internet usage 
Occasionally your kids require the computer to do their assignments, but other times you need to shut off access. Intego ContentBarrier allows parents control and restrict the time of day your kids can access the Internet, so that they do not attempt to sneak on late at night. Settings are easily reconfigured, which means that you are able to adjust our parental controls so.

Control settings liberally 
Out to dinner while your adolescent needs to get the Web for a school assignment? No issue. You can enable sites via a web browser, so that he can get his assignments done while you enjoy your night out.

Keep Your Eye on websites they visit
Intego ContentBarrier allows you to understand precisely where your children are moving online. It is simply another way to be certain that your children have not stumbled upon inappropriate content.

Anti-Predator chat monitoring
Intego ContentBarrier for Mac comprises Anti-Predator chat tracking technologies for most standard chat protocols.

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