Comodo Free Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall

By : Comodo

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    Microsoft Windows (All Versions)
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    Oct 02, 2018
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The port is modern, slick and intuitive and simple to navigate. Not only can it be pleasing to the eyes, but additionally, it provides enhanced security via a continuously upgraded cloud database to always maintain your system as secure as you can.

  • Quick and comprehensible online experience.
  • Manages visitors on Your Computer.
  • Blocks all online strikes.
  • Secures all links whenever you're online.

This absolutely free firewall protects your pc from all means of outside dangers within an efficient and beneficial way. It utilizes something called default reject defense (DDP) to protect against any dangers from penetrating, and impacting your system. It operates employing a cross reference program to make sure that if unfamiliar software was introduced into a system, Comodo Free Firewall will cross-reference it using a white-list of over 15 million documents and programs to find out whether it's valid. When it is not then Comodo Free Firewall will alert you that a potentially malicious file is trying to get your PC.

In general, Comodo Free Firewall can block online risks, giving a sound, powerful defence to the body against attacks. It has a strong browser, virtual desktop computer and sandboxing program. The only disadvantage is that it flags both positive and negative records, which can obviously become very annoying.

- This is version 11. Considering many stability and performance changes have gone into application since release of v10 and product overall test results have improved, we have classified it as v11. While we continue to work on major changes for v12 for 2019 release
- Going forward, you won't see any GeekBuddy alert upon malware detection
- This build is HVCI compliant, this is a feature which is going to be enabled by default in Windows 10 RS5, due in Fall-2018
- When updates to older versions released, updates will be done in two steps, after you have updated, you will see another alert for 2nd update. Any update further on top of this won't require two updates. We have to go through this one time for technical reasons to be ready for next hot-fix release, which will be fully RS5 compliant

- Fixed BSOD as reported here
- Incompatibility with 'Sea of Thieves', 'State of Decay 2', 'Forza Horizon 3' and 'Age of Empires' games
- A public bug 2355 was raised by moderators, where HIPS does not alert for actions when previously trusted rated application is changed to unrecognized
- Firefox issue in Sandbox as reported here
- It has several crash fixes as well, as we found via crash reporting feature.
- It has updated Comodo Dragon v66, Comodo Secure Shopping(CSS) v142 and Internet Security Essentials(ISE) v152, both CSS and ISE have update related changes, where during update setup could take high CPU

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