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    Jan 17, 2018
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Codify is a lightweight encryption program which allows you create, edit and edit text simple and quick. The recipient of any encrypted messages should have a functioning version of Codify, and also the password to synchronize the message.

Codify provides a fantastic method to safeguard your information by encrypting it and ensuring it can't be observed by anybody on your own, or even the intended receiver. The program enables you to encrypt unlimited document, for example MS Word or PDF files, and you could also secure email attachments too.

Utilizing Codify is quite simple; just opt for the text, or a document, you need to encrypt, and select the password you would like use for encrypting that information. If you would like to, you may pick from a set of passwords.

It's not difficult to use, also contains a simple, single-windowed interface to operate from and it uses hardly any system resources. The only downside that we may see is using the program on a shared computer, as any user would have the ability to get into the password list because it does not have any restrictions.

*Codify employs the AES-256 encryption algorithm to safely store your passwords.

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