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ChemMaths is an engineering, chemistry and mathematical program. It gives a broad selection of characteristics to fix, notify and interpret technology problems/equations/data. It's been designed to save time in solving issues, obtaining chemical/mathematical/scientific information, and perform calculations.

  • Includes over 200 units transformation from several 20+ classes i.e. area, duration, time, drive etc.
  • Solve a lot of physics, electric,mechanical,engineering specimens etc..
  • ChemMaths includes information on over 3000 compound chemicals.
  • Includes many predefined mathematical chart equations i.e. straight lines, log charts etc.
  • Includes numerous information charts comprising maths, compound, general advice.
  • Includes standard calculator functions and lots of widely used constants from the science/engineering area.
  • Includes a media player port to play audio (MP3,WAV,Flac etc) , Videos (AVI,MP4,DVD), burn and rip CD's.
  • Includes Internet Browser interface, which means that you may hunt the internet for additional info etc.
  • The display dimensions and design are all sizeable.
  • Plot 2D/3D charts.

ChemMaths comprises numerous engineering resources, 3000+ info of mathematical, chemical, and overall scientific advice.

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