Calibre 32-bit

Calibre 32-bit

By : Kovid Goyal

( Open Source )

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Calibre is an entire e-book library manager which allows you fully organize your group. With Calibre you are able to convert your novels to numerous formats, then sync with every one your apparatus.

Calibre keeps things organized by producing single entries for publications, which comprise numerous formats. Calibre additionally adds tags and remarks for better hunting.

Features of Calibre 32-bit:

  • Format transformation - Calibre's diverse conversion choices provide you assistance for a huge array of formats.
  • Document syncing - Calibre's apparatus drivers can encourage each the best apparatus and e- subscribers.
  • Library management - Calibre keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books, which contain multiple formats. Calibre also adds tags and comments for better searching.

In General, Calibre is an entirely totally free and open source e-book library management program which covers all The significant e-book formats. The user interface is easy to Comprehend and the program is relatively lightweight.

New features:
- Content server: Implement the "Copy to library" function. To use it click the three dots in the top right corner of a book's page and choose "Copy to library"
- Content server: Add Next/Previous buttons to the book details page

Bug fixes:
- Content server: Fix editing metadata that affects multiple books causing all the metadata for all the books to become the same
- Open With: Fix using .bat files as the program not working
- ZIP Output: Fix an error when building the ToC on macOS for some books with non-ASCII ToC entries
- Edit book: Check book: Follow recent releases of epubcheck in expecting .ttf files to have the mime-type application/ in EPUB 3 books
- Fix font mime-types not being auto-corrected when upgrading EPUBs from 2 to 3
- Content server: Try to detect if a book file has been edited outside of calibre and serve the updated copy
- Fix merging books not updating author if the source book has no title
- Content server: Fix heading for custom comments columns being duplicated in the book details page
- Fix editing of dates not working is the date format is set to iso

New news sources:
- BSI News by Volker Heggemann
- Science Advances by Jose Ortiz

Improved news sources:
- Spiegel Online
- Il Post

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