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BurnInTest Professional

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PassMark BurnInTest Professional is a software tool which allows all the significant sub-systems of a personal computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, stability and reliability. The best value professional Windows hardware evaluation tool available on the market! Only press the start button and then have BurnInTest examine your system hardware.

Anybody who has used computers for any time period will comprehend the significance of having a secure system. The expense of a hardware failure can be huge. If you're lucky your information will only be inaccessible while faulty parts are substituted. If you are unlucky you may lose your documents fully or have them eternally corrupted. Oftentimes the missing information can never be substituted and companies can be attracted to their knees, with all the reduction of instruction, client information and fiscal documents. 

BurnInTest will bring intermittent or hidden problems to the surface that following a successfully operate the pc may be used with a higher degree of assurance.

  • Avoid bringing dead on arrival and faulty hardware for your clients.
  • Dramatically lower your evaluation times with simultaneous testing.
  • Construct your picture as a provider of quality programs.
  • Avoid expensive downtime, system rebuilds and misplaced information.
  • Test the equilibrium of a system following setup changes or hardware updates (crucial for overclocking and network updates ).

BurnInTest finds and collects system data and this can be exhibited in BurnInTest along with the evaluation reports. A objective of BurnInTest, unlike various other tools, would be to add as much helpful detailed information as you can, as opposed to mountains of information which is not difficult to collect.

The Professional version also has lots of further tests such as microphones, webcams, battery, tape drives, USB ports (USB 3.0 and 2.0), Serial ports and Parallel ports (with using loop backpacks ).

In case you have technical hardware which BurnInTest doesn't test out of this box, then you are able to write your own evaluation and incorporate it using BurnInTest. By way of instance, PassMark has generated plugin evaluations for Touchscreens and Keyboards. During testing BurnInTest will log and display the amount of test cycles, errors and operations for each evaluation; also as evaluation occasions, such as crucial mistakes, severe errors, warnings and data. In addition to testing, BurnInTest will exhibit a simple PASS or FAIL.

Temperature monitoring during testing could be useful in discovering temperatures associated hardware failures. BurnInTest offers tracking, graphical display and reporting of CPU, GPU and disc temperatures. Furthermore, BurnInTest can increase mistakes on large temperature thresholds, and also quit analyzing if temperatures are too large to protect your hardware.

Note: 30 days trial version.

- Fixed a bug in the 2D colour bar test that was preventing the main BurnInTest windows from handling messages (eg when clicking the stop button) which made it impossible to stop the test.
- Removed the verified operations count for the GPGPU as it was unused, added an error count to the dashboard tile
- Fixed a bug preventing bitaccess.txt from correctly working with the test selections, times and cycles on the dashboard display
- Fixed a bug preventing bitaccess.txt working with the TPM test
- Made some changes so invalid filename characters are stripped from the log file prefix name when using system variables replacements

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