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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
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    Jul 23, 2018
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Boostnote is a open-source note-taking program made for web developers and programmers. Boostnote is reliable by most developers from around 190 countries and areas. There are fast access links located to the lower right which contains zoom, Every kind of record you can imagine, dimensions, indent and final upgrade. Resizing Boostnote smaller will marginally mess up the Formatting of those fast links. The menu section Permits You to pick Wherever your memory is, specify hotkeys, and then tweak the user interface.

Boostnote allows you to choose your notes Markdown with live previewer, utilize snippet notes and latex assistance. To be mistaken with a post-it design software or a Notepad Replacement as it's aimed toward programmers/web programmers as Mentioned above.

Boostnote Features:

  • Boostnote permits you to quickly and certainly produce a well-organized post in Plain Text
  • Boostnote admits over 100 Types of syntax-highlight which makes it ideal for composing code
  • You can easily set a memo on development know-how and take notes during a meeting

- Allow customizing html escape when exporting a note
- Improve settings UI
- Add collapsed state for storage
- Add Table formatter
- Upgrade codemirror
- Support mermaid
- Implement hotkey for toggle editor
- Change shortcuts for Next note and Previous note
- Improve bracket autoclosing

Bug fixes:
- Fix attachments migration
- Fix context menu bug
- Fix Focus search shortcut
- Fix flickering when creating a note
- Fix UI bug when deleting a note

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