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BookMacster for Mac

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BookMacster for Mac is a Web Site manager on the Mac, That plays Well with iCloud, Sign into Chrome, and Firefox Sync. It May Be Used in 3 ways, or two:

Handle Browser Bookmarks. Insert alphabetizing and tagging. Confirm, mend dupes, combine. Sync bookmarks of Safari Firefox, Chrome, and much more one of all of your devices. Keep your bookmarks in one central shop, reachable within internet browsers.

  • Sync mechanically with iCab, Opera, OmniWeb, Epic, Roccat if these browsers stopped.
  • Easily arrange with Tags, Hierarchy, or even both.
  • Engineered to play fine with Apple's iCloud, Google Chrome's Signal In, and Firefox Sync.
  • Confirm bookmarks, mend redirects.
  • Locate and remove duplicates.
  • Update insecure calendars to https://.
  • Eliminate URL Cruft for example Google monitoring tags.
  • Type (alphabetize) mechanically when bookmarks are altered. You control which folders you would like to get sorted or not sorted, and how to type them.
  • Simplifies multiple User Controls from Firefox and Chrome.
  • Scriptable to accumulate fresh bookmarks from NetNewsWire or comparable programs.

The template of text placed on the system clipboard upon copying bookmarks is now configurable in Preferences > General
Some housekeeping operations, particularly some during application launching, are now performed on a secondary thread. This improves performance and responsiveness slightly, but mostly it was done in case there is more than one user who sees macOS sometimes hang in these operations, for reasons unknown. Restored reliability of Edit > Cut and then Paste which sometimes failed in the current version of macOS
The various change types shown in a document’s tab Reports > Sync Log are now better explained, in tool tips and in the Help Book sec. 4.4
If user tries to move the app’s single .bmco document file by clicking the title bar, a warning sheet indicating that this is not supported appears, and the move is aborted. (Previously, such a move would appear to succeed until the next launch)
Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a crash if two .bmco document windows were open while edits were made in the Preferences or Manage Browser Extensions window
Removed all functions and user interface supporting the now-defunct Delicious aka bookmarking service
Fixed a bug, introduced in version 2.5, which prevented proper automatic recovery from some corrupt database files. (Corrupt auxiliary files, -shm and -wal, files were not being removed)

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