Bitvise SSH Client

Bitvise SSH Client

By : Bitvise Limited

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Bitvise SSH Client for Windows is a completely free SSH terminal, tunneling, and SFTP file transfer client with the graphic and scriptable command line ports. Bitvise SSH Client supports all server and desktop versions of Windows! Bitvise SSH Client is free to use!

Main Features:

  • Among the most innovative graphical SFTP customers.
  • Support for corporation-wide only sign-on with SSPI (GSSAPI) Kerberos 5 and NTLM user authentication, in Addition to Kerberos 5 server authentication.
  • Utilizes Windows built-in cryptography, supported by NIST to FIPS 140-2 About Windows XP and Supported by NIST under certification #819 (historic). When FIPS style is Not allowed, added non-FIPS calculations are encouraged.
  • HIPAA compliance: Provides innovative encryption and safety measures that may be a part of a HIPAA-compliant alternative.
  • Obfuscated SSH using an optional key word. Once permitted and supported In the server and client, obfuscation makes it harder to get An observer to discover the protocol used is SSH. (Protocol; OpenSSH stains)
  • Strong command-line parameters that make the SSH customer highly Customizable and appropriate to be used in certain scenarios and controlled environments.
  • An FTP-to-SFTP bridge enabling you to connect to an SFTP server utilizing legacy FTP software.
  • An innovative, scriptable command-line SFTP customer, sftpc.
  • A scriptable command-line remote performance customer, sexec, along with a command-line terminal console customer, stermc.
  • A scriptable command-line tunneling customer, stnlc, with assistance for Static port forwarding rules, lively SOCKS-based tunneling, and FTP-to-SFTP bridge.
  • NET SSH library, FlowSshNet, including PowerShell scripts revealing The way to use this SSH library for both document transfer and remote application Performance from PowerShell.
  • Bitvise SSH Server remote management features.

- Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh previously did not implement strict size limits or sanitization of content before displaying or logging strings received from a remote party. Much stricter size limits and sanitization are now implemented
- Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh now report the size of the Diffie Hellman group actually used in DH key exchange. This is useful with key exchange methods that use DH group exchange, where there was previously no straightforward way to know what size group was used
- Importing an empty public key file would cause the SSH Client's Host key manager to hang indefinitely. Fixed.
- When loading an SSH Client profile, the SSH Client's Remote Desktop tab failed to update the Remote Desktop width and/or height if the new value was 0 (the default value). Fixed.

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