BBEdit for Mac

BBEdit for Mac

By : Bare Bones Software, Inc.

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BBEdit is one of the most famous text editing software for the Mac. It is essentially a premium version of TextWrangler; it shares lots of the very same attributes, but provides some extra updates for a fee. Both programs are printed by Bare Bones.

Much like TextWrangler, BBEdit is flexible enough to encourage novice coders and knowledgeable programmers, and it is a wonderful program to have set up - just in case. With several clipboards, multiple undos and configurable shortcuts, BBEdit yields remarkable effects and assists very efficient communicating.

In comparison to TextWrangler, BBEdit is best for generating standards-compliant code, as it can validate HTML 4.01 through version 5, and XTHTML 1.0 and 1.1. Additionally, it provides a suitable Scratchpad for note taking, which makes it simple to jot down snippets of code, and offers user defined clippings.

Other advantages include:

  • Batch processing of text transformations across multiple documents.
  • Support for Exuberant Ctags for source code navigation.
  • An extremely reasonable cost of $49.95.

If you previously use TextWrangler, BBEdit is a reasonable update with quite a few further bonus features which make it worth your money.

- Fixed a case in which the git-ignore checking would mysteriously stop working in times of OS memory pressure
- Fixed bug in which dragging multiple items from an FTP/SFTP browser window didn't work when running on macOS 10.14 and later
- Fixed a drawing glitch in the line number bar which would occur with certain files which contained a mixture of Unicode line separators and normal line breaks. (In the appropriate conditions, BBEdit will now draw a "-" in the line number bar rather than drawing junk)
- Added some keywords to the Preferences search metadata, so that searches for "theme" and "dark mode" turn up results in appropriate places
- If you were clever and used NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance to force BBEdit to always use Light Mode (when running on macOS 10.14 or later), it will now behave a little bit more consistently than before (although some parts of the UI may not look quite right if you insist on using a dark editor color scheme under those conditions)
- Resolved an issue that had previously required us to disable the JIT support in PCRE2. Regular expression execution should now run at full speed whenever possible
- Fixed a bug in which persistent file locators for items that were read-only or in read-only locations couldn't be created. The usual behavior is that such items didn't reopen if they were left open when quitting the application
- Fixed bug in which a 13801 error could occur when running AppleScripts from various built-in points (Scripts menu, Apply Text Filter, and others)
- Worked around the system's refusal to resolve bookmarks to files in certain locations (such as /private/etc/), which manifest as documents in those locations not reopening at startup
- Fixed a bug in which BBEdit would use the wrong highlight color when using a light-background color scheme while system-wide Dark Mode was in effect
- Fixed a bug in which the application would exit immediately when trying to save edits to a file that had been opened while browsing a non-writable Zip archive. Such documents are now locked and you must save a separate copy if you wish to make changes
- Worked around a bug in which many FTP servers would return an affirmative response to the CDUP command but not actually change the working directory on the server, which would in turn lead to problems after using Command-up-arrow in an FTP browser window to go up the directory hierarchy
- Fixed bug in which permissions changes made via the "Info" panel in FTP/SFTP browser windows took effect remotely, but weren't reflected in the listing data (so they didn't appear to change without refreshing the listing)
- Fixed bug in which the "New HTML Document" command was absent from the contextual menu in the "Project" section of a project window's sidebar
- Fixed bug in which menu sorting metacharacters would appear in the "Go" panel's listing
- Fixed a case in which the application could crash early in the startup process given the proper confluence of circumstances, namely an ancient application support folder and certain text encoding preference settings
- Fixed bug in which refreshing a multi-file search results window would lose the hierarchical organization, so single-file results were listed "flat"
- Added some constraints to the "Size" and "Kind" columns in FTP/SFTP browser windows to prevent them from being made too small (or too large)
- Fixed regression in which a file filter specified in the sidebar of a project or disk browser window was inappropriately applied to folders, which would almost always hide everything

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